The beauty of Keukenhof Gardens

During a little getaway in Holland last April, we decided to leave Amsterdam to follow the Flower Route going to Lisse, in order to see some colourful landscapes. After passing by several tulip fields, we saw a lot of cars going towards the same direction… that was intriguing ! We thought that it may lead to a major attraction so we followed them ! Good decision since it happened to lead to the most beautiful garden of Europe : Keukenhof !

I’m a bit ashamed to say that I’ve never heard about it before reaching it by accident…

Keukenhof is a spring garden only open for eight weeks each year. Millions of tulips, daffodils and hyacinths are planted in the park and are carefully selected so that visitors can enjoy bulbs in full bloom throughout the entire period Keukenhof is open. To ensure that Keukenhof always has a new look, the planting is redesigned every year.

We went there in mid-April, and that was  the perfect time to see many flowers in bloom. It was stunning ! All the tulips were in bloom and we got there just in time before they got trimmed or damaged by weather conditions. Such vibrant colours !

The tulip is the distinctive icon of the Netherlands throughout the world. And it was the Keukenhof’s theme for 2014 ! We learnt a bit more about the origin of the tulip and interesting facts about it. It comes from Turkey and I didn’t know that !

This is a perfect day trip if your staying in Amsterdam or going to somewhere else (that was our case, we were driving back to Belgium). It is convenient to get there if you come by car (unfortunately you have to pay for parking – 6 euros – as well as entrance fees) but I think there are several bus options from the city which makes it very convenient as well.


27 responses to “The beauty of Keukenhof Gardens

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  2. Beautiful!! Love your photo’s! And keukenhof is lovely It’s not so far from where I live ;-)


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