Amsterdam and the Begijnhof, a step into the past

The Begijnhof is a tiny inner court in the middle of Amsterdam that could easily be missed ! It was founded in the 14th centry and looks like a convent, but the difference is that the beguines could leave that place at any time in order to get married.

This place is really cut off from Amsterdam’s traffic noise and tourists, and it is quite relaxing so sit down a bit and enjoyed the views (and the flowers.. did I mentioned that I love flowers ?).

The little houses are quite cute and the houses well-maintained. The place is quite small, and I didn’t have the right lense to take wide-angle pictures of the houses, I’m sorry about that. On this website, you can find more information about that place !

It is considered as one of the best Amsterdam’s free attraction and I would recommend the visit !


11 responses to “Amsterdam and the Begijnhof, a step into the past

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  2. thank you for your visit to my blog. although i am currently on a semi-hiatus from blogging, i happened to notice your visit to a recent post at my corner. much appreciated! this post intrigued me – and i see that i missed a very important place in Amsterdam when i visited there last year. it looks like a delightful place. will have to keep it in mind on a future visit to Holland.
    and now i will go back to my semi-hiatus. your blog looks like it covers a lot of interesting places. thanks for sharing. happy blogging!


    • I understand the hiatus-thing but it’s a shame, your pictures are so beautiful !! ;-) It is quite difficult to find it, I mean, if you walk around without knowing its existence, you will probably miss it, it’s a tiny door in a busy street. It’s in the Spui area. Yeah, keep it in mind, it is worth a visit ! :-)


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