Tiptoeing through the tulip fields

During a little getaway in Holland last April, we decided to leave Amsterdam (and the lovely Begijnhof) to follow the Flower Route going to Lisse.

The striking colours of the flowering tulip fields are a typical sight in Holland during the spring, and Lisse is the perfect location for it ! Mid-April is the peak season to see the tulips in bloom so it was a perfect timing ! It is only half an hour away from the capital by car, and it think it is possible to cycle there or use public transport, so it is also very convenient.

After passing by several tulip fields, we parked where we could and had a little walk amongst the flowering bulbs. All these vibrant colours seem a bit surreal at first. It’s really beautiful and stunning.We took a lot of pictures and made silly shots in the fields. We had a great time over there :-)

I can now understand why aerial shots of this region are so wonderful : the fields are so symmetric and colourful. It is really pretty. After having spent some time over there, we decided to follow the hordes of car and we arrived, unexpectedly, in Keukenhof Gardens 


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    • We went in early April and some of them were aloready withering. Apparently, end of March was the best moment to see the tulip this year… but it changes every year, depending on the weather I suppose. I’ll check out the link, thanks !


  2. Great shots and what an amazing place. I do not think I could ever put down my camera if i were there.


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