Conquering Gellért Hill

During a short trip to Budapest, the pearl of the Danube, we spent a full day walking down the sinuous streets of Buda. It was very picturesque and iconic.

Another way to get a great panorama over the town is to climb Gellért Hill, where you can find on top of it the Citadel and enjoy the great views over the city. To go there from city centre, you can use public transport of course, or walk on one of the most beautiful bridge that crosses the Danube, the Сhain Bridge, then take the path that will lead to the top !

The climb is pretty steep, but there are several stops along way to let you catch your breath ! First of all, Gellért baths. The spa is decorated in a “Art Nouveau kind of way”, with artistic mosaics, stained glass windows and sculptures. It opened its gates in 1918. The water that supplies the Bath is ensured by the spring beneath the Hill.

Opposite the baths entrance, you can find the Rock Church. There is an entrance fee but it is a bit less than 2 Euro to enter, and you get an audio-guide. The church is built in a cave and the temperatures are surprisingly warm for a cave as the hot springs all around keep it warm. It is  an interesting spot to visit, but not a must-see in Budapest.

After sweating a lot (if you are not that fit ;-)), you will get to the citadel, the fortification on top of Gellért Hill, where you can find Budapest’s Statue of Liberty celebrating the liberation from the Nazi rule.

We sent back to the city centre through the woods, and it was so much easier that way ;-)

I think I can’t close the Budapest chapter without talking a bit more about the termal baths, but I will keep it for a next post ! Stay tuned !


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