Braving the crowds at Disneyland Paris !

One of my friend managed to find cheap combo tickets (transport and entrance fee) for Disneyland Paris not so long ago, and I was thinking, why not giving it a go !?

As a child, I went to Disneyland a few times and I didn’t have the feeling that is was as busy as this ! I wasn’t prepared to face so much crowds !! We were brave, and we managed to make our way to the Sleeping Beauty’s castle and Alice’s Curious Labyrinth. Oh I loved that place, with the vibrant colours and the cute little characters everywhere. We spent so much time over there, getting lost on purpose in the maze and climbing on top of the castle.

We also did some indoor attractions, such as Peter Pan’s Flight, Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast (3 times !!!) and It’s a small world.

We finished our day by the visit of Frontierland and the Big Thunder Mountain, the boat trip and the famous Pirates of the Caribbean

I’m currently in London for work, but my busy schedule didn’t allow me to visit a lot, and the weather is horrible. It’s raining a lot ! :-(


26 responses to “Braving the crowds at Disneyland Paris !

    • I think it’s important to time it well, when the kid does not need napping anymore or changing nappies all the time otherwise you don’t maximize you time in the park and there are plenty of attractions they won’t be able to do.


  1. The first time I went to Disneyland was super fun, but the second time I was way too tired after a few days with a lot of walking in Paris, so I didn’t enjoy it as much. I wonder what the third time will be like :D

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    • I hope it will enjoyable ! It depends on the season so much. My best memories are my visit in February when you have the place to yourself. It’s cold yes but if it does not rain it can be really lovely


    • It was way too crowded. Parents were mad and just rude, pushing their kids so they can be closer to the characters, without giving a shit. Kids were crying, it was just taking forever to do a ride. It was impossible to do the famous attractions so we just decided to go for the less famous one and we had fun :-)

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  2. I’ve only been to Orlando, but I’d love to visit the one in Paris. There’s just something special about Mickey speaking French! ha!

    Alice’s Curious Labyrinth sounds like an interesting activity. I don’t think they have it at the Orlando parks.

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    • I think Paris must be a bit disappointing compared to Orlando. Everything is very close together and always busy. It’s nice, don’t get me wrong, but it’s soooo busy. The Alice’s Curious Labyrinth is quite fun, it’s quite easy to get lost and both adults and kids can have fun :-)


    • Oh really ?! Paris is the only one I’ve been to but I have been there at least 5 times. It was not too far away from my home at that time. It’s a bit too crowded for my liking. Staying overnight is better because you have early access to the park when fewer people are there :-)


    • Oh thank you ! Unfortunately, it is difficult to see everything in one day, especially during high season. But if you only select a few attractions like we did, you will spend a nice day for sure ! :-)


  3. Wow looks amazing, I have always wanted to visit Disneyland! It also looks like you got good weather, it has been constant rain and gloom here in Iceland these last few weeks. Maybe one day I’ll scrape together enough money and check out Disneyland. :)


    • The weather was good, but too many people wandering around, that was very tiring. I suppose the best period is out of the summer holiday ;-) Don’t say that about Iceland ! I want good weather when I will be there in a few weeks :p


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