Around Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey is a must see for every visitor in London, and that was the first thing on my bucket list ! So when I arrived in London last Sunday, I first dropped the luggage at the hostel, then went to admire one of the most glorious medieval architecture of this town !

There is a fee to visit the church, but some parts are free, including the cloisters and the college garden (it is always interesting to know that, we do love free stuff, aren’t we ?!). The garden was small, but lovely, and no one was there. I think people often skip that part, and focus mainly on the church.

The cloisters were used by the monks for meditation and exercise, the light over there was really nice and soft. I was amazed to see that the cloisters were dating mainly from the 13th to the 15th centuries ! Wow !

This is a nice place to visit even if the weather is not fantastic ! After that, I continued my way towards the famous Big Ben.. (to be continued)


8 responses to “Around Westminster Abbey

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  3. When I went to London I didn’t end up visiting Westminster Abbey because I thought it was to expensive, do you think it was worth the price?


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