Boycotting Buckingham Palace for St James’s Park ? Yes, please !

I wasn’t too excited by visiting Buckingham Palace, mainly because I knew it was going to be full of tourists (by now, you must have realized that I don’t like big crowds… ). But, going to London without seeing it sounded a bit stupid to me so I decided to combine it with the visit of St James’s park !

This park is the oldest of the capital’s eight Royal Parks and is situated at a walking distance from many others famous sights, such as Big Ben or Westminster abbey.

There is a lake in the middle of it, and therefore a lot of bird life, including pelicans and wild ducks. You can also find plenty of grey squirrels that will try to steal a bit of your food if you don’t pay attention. This is an ideal place to relax, and if you like flowers, they have nice beds all around the lake with very colourful specimens !

I ended up spending most of my time in the park, and had a quick look to the palace to be able to say, “oh yeah, I’ve seen it !” ;-) I really loved the parks in London. If I had more time to spend in London, I would have probably taken a book and spend a full day in the shade… probably in Kensington gardens… another Royal Park I really like ! I’ll tell you more about it later.


17 responses to “Boycotting Buckingham Palace for St James’s Park ? Yes, please !

  1. My daughter and I were just talking about if we’ll bother with the whole “let’s see where the Royals live.” touristy thing. Verdict: a big fat NOT. Americans aren’t very impressed by monarchies. ;) I’m with you…would rather see it from a cab window on the way to something outdoorsy…or a cafe!


    • haha, Americans are reasonable people then :D I don’t think it is the most impressive Royal Palace in Europe anyway.. I was far more impressed with the one in Copenhagen, and it wasn’t busy at all ! Maybe you will have the chance to see it from far away if you are around St James park :-)


    • I’m always more attracted by outdoors activities, and nature in general. I’m sure visiting Buckingham Palace is wonderful for people who like that kind of attractions though


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    • I love spending some time in parks and gardens all the year around. In spring for the flowers, in summer for the shade, in autumn for the leaves and in winter for the frost and the feeling of desolation ! These places are my favourites ! :-)


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