The secret entrance of the Natural History Museum of London !

I went to London to assist to a conference that was held at the Natural History Museum. On my way to the museum, I went through Kensington Gardens (I dedicated several posts about it here, here and here). I had the chance to visit it a bit, behind the scenes, and that was truly amazing ! The museum is  a centre for scientific research specialized in conservation and has many collections of historical value, including specimens collected by Charles Darwin. Yes, Charles Darwin !!! \o/

The museum itself is quite good as well, but there were so many kids running around that it was difficult to look at the displays, but for what I’ve seen, it was nice (and free, did I mentioned it was free ? ;-)). I was quite happy to see all these kids, taking interest in Science, learning new stuff and teaching their parents “oh dad, did you know that…”, I loved that !

Oh and I almost forgot to mention the entrance of Exhibition road (also called the secret entrance, the best one to avoid queueing) ! It was nice to step through this  giant earth kind of thing (honestly, I still haven’t figured what it was, the only think I can say is that it was pretty cool).

After spending a full day over there, I decided to have dinner around Covent Garden. So I took the tube and I can say that I’ve experienced the tube during rush hour ! That was something… When I finally reached Covent garden, the weather had changed abruptly (again !! what is wrong with you London ?) and the sky was so dark ! I took a few pictures before it started to rain.

Half of the conference was held in the NHM of London, and the other part was held at Kew Gardens ! Stay tuned for more details about my exploration of these incredible Gardens. And prepare yourselves for more flowers :-)


24 responses to “The secret entrance of the Natural History Museum of London !

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  4. This museum seems so….cool! :)
    I’ve never visited Europe (although my husband & I dream of it…) but thanks to you, and I can start to make a “list” of where I want to go… This would definitely be one of them! I look forward to your other photos :)


    • Science can be cool sometimes, and that’s why I like these kind of places. Natural History Museum are wonderful, and very educationnal and funny at the same time. I hope you will get the chance to visit Europe, and if you visit Belgium (Bruges is lovely), I will be your guide if I haven’t moved to Scotland by then :D


  5. A wonderful place for kids and adults. I posted about it recently when we took our Grandkids to the Investigate section in the basement, usually for schools but for families at weekends and school holiday – magic! :)


  6. I love both those places, the museum and covent gardens. I had some of the best laughs at that museum, I don’t know if it’s still there but they had a mirror in which you were supposed to practice curling your tongue, and after walking around I found that same mirror but from the back side of it and it looked transparent! So you could see all these people making super funny faces without knowing there were people watching them on the other side.


    • Oh that’s a funny story :D I can imagine people wondering why some people are making such weird face haha ! I didn’t have time to explore a lot, so I didn’t have the chance to see this magic mirror :-(


    • I think I will post them when I’ll be back from Edinburgh.. I’m leaving on Friday morning, but I’m not sure I’ll take the computer with me, since I’m only taking a small backpack with me… :-) We will see :-) But they will come at one point :D


  7. I lived in London for 27 years before moving to Brighton & Hove. I do miss the city very much but at least it’s only an hour away by train. Covent Garden was one of my favourite spots, especially at Christmas time.


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