The biggest waterlily I’ve ever seen !

I had the chance to assist to a conference about biodiversity that was held at two different amazing places in London : the NHM of London (and I’ve already explained my little wanderings around the museum in a previous post) and Kew Gardens.

These Royal Botanic Gardens contain the world’s largest collection of living plants. That was amazing to be able to have a look at the collections and have a little stroll in the park.

I visited the Waterlily House, a beautiful glasshouse where we can find huge waterlilies, the Victoria Amazonica, in the pond situated in the middle of the glazed structure.

Its gigantic circular leaves can grow up to two meters and can support 45 kg ! They are native from South America and their flowers are short-lived and only bloom at night. The colour of the lily is white but it changes to pink when it’s pollinated. I think It’s amazing ! The flowers you see above are not the ones from the huge waterlily butother tropical flowers of more modest sizes… :-)  

Outside, there was another pond where you can find other colourful nymphaeaceae.

I also visit the famous Palm House, and I will tell you more about it in a next post !


30 responses to “The biggest waterlily I’ve ever seen !

  1. We are hoping to get to Kew one day soon, ironically I go near it for work – but never have time to pop in. Was there much bird/insect life, or just loads of flowers and people? By the way on my first visit the entry fee was 6d, or 0.025p in decimal currency, As a child I once got lost there, but turned up near a giant pagoda where my Mum eventually scooped me up and looked after me…..


    • Hmmm there are some insects, but not so much birds. It’s busy during summer, but if you go in early, I suppose it should be ok. Some parts are busy (the must-do such as the waterlily house or the palm house), other are a lot quieter (North of the park). It’s not like Keukenhof ;-)

      It is easily to get lost, especially as a child. You look around, see nice thing, want to get closer and all of a sudden, your parents have lost sight. At least, they manage to find you :-)


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  6. Love your picture, nice blog and i agree with you and i think thats the magic of sharing photos and perspectives with other photographers around the world. Great job and will be looking forward to see your next post.


  7. Good morning from Tokyo :)
    These photos are wonderful! It must have been even more beautiful to see them “with your own eyes” I also look forward to reading more of your stories :))

    I also took some photos of water lilies (at my favourtie zoo), but they are not as nice as yours. But maybe I’ll post them someday… ;) (Sorry, this was useless information!!)
    Wish you a perfect weekend!


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