Why do all good things come to an end?

Time was flying when I was in Kew Gardens. After visiting the Water lily house and the Palm house, I slowly began my way down the trail leading towards the exit… I went through the Woodland Garden and the Rose Garden. I was expecting something else from the Rose Garden to be honest, and I was slightly disappointed. It was nice, but, for me, the name was a bit confusing. It was mostly grass, with a few roses… Basically, what you can see in most Royal Parks in London…And the roses variety weren’t that spectacular.

For my last day, I decided to spend it in Camden town !


38 responses to “Why do all good things come to an end?

  1. Lovely images! I particularly enjoy the macros of the succulents and the lovely poppies- and it looks like that tree has been “yarn bombed”??!! Too bad about the rose garden but you brought some beautiful memories out of the visit.


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  3. Some good things come to an end to give way for the not so good things to get noticed, and when you look closely at it, you will see that there is beauty in it in a different perspective. :)


    • It’s not that it wasn’t good… but, I’ve seen better :-) That’s my problem sometimes, I have high expectations when it comes to botanical gardens/gardens because I’ve been to so many of them ! :D


    • Oh that’s wonderful ! What are you planning to do in England ? Are you going to visit London or wander a bit everywhere ? the Royal Parks in London are a must-do, I recommend them !


      • Yes, we are doing a Sunday to Thursday in London (Just like you!!) and then traveling up the center of the country for a few days. From there (depending on the weather forecast) either down to Cornwall or up toward Scotland! :)


        • I was in Edinburgh last weekend, and I must say it’s a pretty town ! I would recommend it. So much to see over there. On the other hand, Cornwall is quite pretty as well. I think whatever you chose, you will make the right decision :-)


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