Is it a shoe on the wall !?

After visiting Kew Gardens (here, here and here), I spent my last day in London in Camden Town.

Camden Town is world renowned as the place to shop for alternative clothing. The shops are very colourful and they have amazing frontage ! A plane, a dragon, a yellow converse, …  very colourful and crazy stuff.

After walking down the main street, I had a stroll by Regent’s Canal and I arrived in Camden Lock Village, with the iconic motorbikes where you can sit to eat your lunch. Over there, you can buy trendy t-shirts. Don’t forget to ask for discount, it will usually work if you are alone in the shop :-) The shirt I liked was 15£ but I finally got it for 10£ !

This place is also full of amazing street art, and I will show you some example in my next post ! :-)


30 responses to “Is it a shoe on the wall !?

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  3. Camden is amazing! So many little shops and around the corner streetmarkets. And sooo many people, but it still keeps its charm
    I love your colorful photo’s! Makes me want to go right back (havn’t been there in ages..)


  4. Wow! I just love your photos of Camden Town! Besides bringing out the vibrancy and mood of this place, your post has rekindled long-forgotten memories of Camden Town. When I was studying in the UK, my flatmates and I used to visit Camden Market regularly during the weekends. You can always find something to buy there! :)


  5. I love Camden Market and that area. I do the walk along the canal from there to the London Zoo. It’s always so vibrant and I’ve found some great things while there.


    • Even if it’s .. “a tourist trap”, I love going back there over and over. It is a unique atmosphere, and you can meet nice people over there. I walked a little bit along the canal, but I didn’t have time to go to Regent’s Park and the Zoo at that time.


    • It is vibrant, but it is also full of people. I was there a bit before 10 am and the density of tourists was still manageable at that time, but when I left in the early afternoon, it was horrible, especially with a backpack :D


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