Camden Lock Market, a paradize for foodies ?

I spent my last day in London in Camden Town, admiring the street art, buying some clothes and going through the vibrant atmosphere of this part of the town.

Camden Lock Market is a hot spot when it comes to international food. On the lower level of Camden Lock Market you have food stalls from nearly every country in the world and I was tempted by so many including the Columbian Street Food, Falafel Time or Feed me primal. It was difficult to decide what to eat, so I had a coffee instead (don’t try to understand the logic :D)

I sat down, enjoyed the busy but happy atmosphere and was thinking that  my London trip was slowly coming to an end. After having spent some time over there, going through the different market, I took the tube towards King’s Cross St Pancras… couldn’t help but went to the platform 9 3/4 :-) .. and had a look at the Harry Potter shop, while people were queuing to get a picture of them pushing a trolley through the wall.

Goodbye London, that was a nice experience, even if everything is so noisy over there :-) !


26 responses to “Camden Lock Market, a paradize for foodies ?

  1. What a great series of photos. Thanks so much for posting them. We were at St. Pancras recently, but had no idea that there was Harry Potter/Track 9 3/4 deal there. Arggh! Well, next time for sure.


  2. Does look like a foodie paradise, indeed! So, it was noisy, huh? LOL! I guess NYC, would be noisy, too. :-)


    • Difficult to choose, each market has its own atmosphere. I really loved the Camden Lock Market in the morning, before it opened, because everyone was really busy. They were chopping the vegetables, pre-cooking stuff, everything was smelling good (but not overcooking food or food that would have been left on the cooker for hours). It was nice. I sat down on a bench, I looked at them, drinking my coffee and it was awesome. I went back after noon, and it was crazy, not the same atmosphere anymore.


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