Singapore, the Lion city

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Singapore was a stop-over on our way to Borneo last winter and stopping there was a good idea to allow our bodies to acclimatise to the time difference and the climate of South-East Asia.

When we stepped out of Changi airport, I was figuratively knocked out by the heat and the humidity in the air. We climbed into a cab and we drove towards our lodging in Pasir Ris town. I’m glad air-conditioning was everywhere, even in the flat.

We spent xmas and some quality time with our family living over there so the sightseeing in Singapore was rather limited, but it doesn’t mean we didn’t have a good time ! We had a walk around Clarke Quay and tried some durian fruits near Orchard road and ate plenty of good food over there ! Durian fruits are regarded by many people in South-East Asia as the king of fruits but for me, it’s just the most disgusting fruit of the world… big YUK

That was smelly….so smelly that they wrapped it twice in plastic bags because we had to take the metro (and it was still smelly). A funny fact about durian is that in most places, you can see signs forbidding durians :D

Pasir Ris Town Park is close to the sea and despite the warmth and the humidity in Singapore, it is possible to enjoy some breeze and fresh air if you go over there. The park is nice, with interesting vegetation. On our way to it, we saw really cute pineapple. I didn’t expect a pineapple to grow like that. I thought it was a joke the first time I saw it, and that someone had put it on top of a bush haha, but now I believe it ;-)

I will talk about food and the amazing National Orchid Gardens later :-)


35 responses to “Singapore, the Lion city

  1. Beautiful vibrant pictures that capture the essence of Singapore! Durian is no doubt smelly; people either absolutely hate it or love it. There’s no middle way for it. Keep it up!


      • Ha, as for me I’ve always spent xmas in the tropics! Can’t imagine it in bundles of clothes and with snow… though it looks pretty in the movies ;) p.s. I can read french just don’t expect me to write it :)


        • You are indeed very good with languages !! Even reading it and understanding it is very impressive. Do you think it’s easier to learn new languages once you master several of them ? Did you notice a difference ? Are you better now when you try to learn new languages than 10 years ago for example ?


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