Where can I find the most beautiful orchids ?… in National Orchid Garden of course !

Located inside the Botanical Gardens, the National Orchid Garden in Singapore is home to thousands species of orchids ! Unfortunately, it was raining during our visit, so it was tricky to take pictures with my non-waterproof camera, while holding an umbrella…

This place was amazing, I think I can say it is one of the best gardens I’ve ever visited. It was well maintained and colourful. The entrance fee was relatively cheap, I think it was around 5$.

I really love the slipper orchid, the one that looks like a pitcher. The pouch is a trap for insects, and when they fall in it, they are forced to climb on top of it and all the process contributes to the fertilization of the flower. It is a bit complex, but on this website, it is well explained with macro pictures and everything ! I recommend stopping by if you are interested.

The national orchid gardens is located in the Botanical Gardens, where you can find more amazing flowers.. you will see what I’m talking about in my next post :-)


43 responses to “Where can I find the most beautiful orchids ?… in National Orchid Garden of course !

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  2. Your photos are fabulous! I’m a horticulturist and am fascinated by orchids. Singapore is on my bucket list of places to visit, the orchid garden especially. Great post! :) x


  3. I visited the Orchid Gardens several years ago and it helped develop my love of taking flower pictures. Sometimes you have to get wet and muddy to get the best images. Lovely photos.


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  6. Wow, amazing flower photos! I also was not aware of so much variety in orchids ;)
    I can also understand how it must feel to take pictures in the rain with a non-waterproof camera :)


  7. Orchids are so beautiful. My husband gave me an orchid for Mother’s Day. I think I’ve already killed it despite my best efforts. I wish I was better at taking care of flowers. :-)


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