Singapore is not only about orchids

In my last post, I was showing you how diverse the national orchid garden can be, but you can also find other flowers in this incredible botanical gardens. I have a soft spot for the gingers (as well as for the orchids obviously… and we could say I have a soft spot for every flower if I want to be honest with you).

We saw nice specimens over there, but like I said previously, it was raining so much that it was really tricky to be able to take good pictures with only one hand.. as the second one was holding an umbrella :-)

I’m not able to give you the names of this beautiful flowers… If someone knows, feel free to share ! :-)


38 responses to “Singapore is not only about orchids

  1. I also hope you had a great time in Singapore.
    My home town is just an hour drive from Singapore.
    So I know that place very well. In fact, I also studied there before I came over here to finish my university in Scotland.

    Oh yes, I remember Singapore Botanic Gardens and National Orchid Gardens within the park.
    I used to go to Orchard Road a lot after school in Singapore, from time to time, I also visited the Gardens. Orchard Rd is just around the corner.


      • Yes, it’s very clean and very organised.
        Almost sterile, but after living there for a long time. You’ll realise something is very wrong, because nothing is so perfect in this world. So I left Singapore in search of the real wilderness in Scotland. Ha!

        Oh I read Economics and Property Law in Scotland. It’s funny before I came to Scotland, I thought it was the same law used in England. That’s because we also study English common law in Malaysia and Singapore. It turned out that they have their own Scottish law?! Ha ha… it’s a bit annoying.

        Maybe you have different laws in Flanders and Wallonia too?


        • Belgium is quite complicated, and I’m not a specialist, but we have three different levels, not really only Flanders and Wallonia. The federal states includes the major topics (law, army, police, finances, etc), then you have the communities (Flanders, Wallonia and the German part.. because yes, Belgium is not only Flanders and Wallonia ;-)) for education, health, social welfare, … and then you have the region (employment, housing, energy, …).

          It is very complicated, and I think when you study law in Belgium you have to specialize into something, because it’s so diverse and we have “different law” for each region of the country


    • The orchid garden is definitively a must, as well as the botanical gardens (you can walk in the park, there are different gardens and it is nice). Walking in China Town is also very nice and eating at Din Tai Fung is something that cannot be missed. The zoo is great, there is a night show or a breakfast with the baboons, I suggest you to look at their website for more information, there is so mush to do in the zoo ;-) You can also walk next to the gardens by the bay, especially in the evening and along Clarke Quay, there are a lot of restaurants ! It hope it will help you :-)


  2. Hey!!!
    Thanks for stopping by on my blog…
    I’m glad you like my clicks…
    your ‘flower power’ is ausome… :)
    Couldn’t make to see all of them, will be back soon..
    Keep Clicking.. :D


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