Welcome to Edinburgh !

We spent 4 days in Scotland a few weeks ago with some friends and we had a blast !  I’ve always wanted to go there since I’m a child, for the scenery and …the Loch Ness of course (even if the visit of the latter resulted in a huge disappointment, as you will learn later).

Since we were only planning to stay a few days, we headed towards Edinburgh, capital of Scotland, and we used it as a base of our daily explorations. Edinburgh made me think about Budapest at the first sight, as the medieval old town contrasts sharply with the tall building and the shops of the new town. It was also declared a World heritage Site ;-) But the comparison stops here of course, as the atmosphere is completely different !

The heart of the old town is full of little shops, with independent boutiques, distilleries, retailers, tailors and restaurants, disseminated along the sinuous streets. It was very nice wandering along the Royal Mile, a succession of streets that links two important locations of the town : Edinburgh Castle and the Holyrood Palace.

This week, I’ll share with you my short experience of Scotland,  including a free tour of the city, a visit of Stirling Castle, a day trip to loch Lomond and Loch Ness amongst others ! Stay tuned :-)


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