Whisky tasting at Glengoyne distillery

On our way back from Loch Lomond, we stopped in Dumgoyne for a quick visit of the Glengoyne distillery and for some whisky tasting.  I didn’t know anything about whisky before this visit !

Apparently, this distillery is really unique because of the slow distillation process that gives to the whisky a sweet and smooth taste. We tried a 12 years-old single malt, and to be honest, I wasn’t that impressed, but I’m not a whisky enthusiast :D

We weren’t allowed to take pictures inside, for safety reasons … hmm ok (I still can’t figure how taking pictures could have been dangerous), so the pictures are limited to the gift shop ! Some whisky over there were really pricey, thousands of £ for some bottles !! Can you imagine that ?!






35 responses to “Whisky tasting at Glengoyne distillery

  1. I would love to do that. I don’t drink often, but I do love a nice glass of whisky straight.

    Compared to a wine tasting, how much faster of slower did you get drunk? ;)


    • I think it depends from one person to another.. but whisky has higher percentage of alcohol .. ;-) I don’t drink a lot, so one glass of whisky was enough for me, it was really strong. You can drink more during a wine tasting definitively !

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    • Me neither, it’s way too strong and not sweet enough for my taste ;-) But the older it gets, the better apparently… I can’t tell tough ;-)

      I think it’s a popular destination, not too far away from Edinburgh or Glasgow


  3. Hey there Gin … I’m responding as a result of your LIKE at Pairodox Farm today … thanks much. Lots of beautiful images here … but what intrigues me most is the name of your blog … what’s the significance of Darwin on the Rocks … ? I’m a biologist with a particular interest in evolution and in, of course, Mr. Darwin! D


    • Oh there is a story behind that nickname :-) So, I’m a biologist myself as well, and in 2011, I’ve realized my dream : going to the Galapagos islands for a conservation project. For that trip, I’ve created a blog called, “darwin on the rocks”, because of the mythical destination, but also because the header of my blog at that time was an iguana laying on a rock. I’ve decided to create this other blog about all my travelling, and alter the title a little, because it wasn’t only about galapagos islands :-) You know everything about the title now !! ;-)


      • Ha … cool story. If I ever am lucky enough to travel to England I’ll be sure to visit Westminster Abbey for it is there that Darwin is buried … apparently at the feet of Sir Issac Newton! I am a zoologist with a research specialty in the terrestrial molluscs. I teach biology at a small, liberal arts University, here in central Pennsylvania. If you take the time to look through Pairodox (and, I see that you’ve pushed the button to follow, for which I think you very, very much) you will see that we raise shetland sheep. I’ve always wanted to visit the UK for it is there that some of the world’s finest sheep are pastured. So, regarding the images you are posting of your travels … MORE SHEEP PLEASE. D


        • I hope you will get the chance to travel to England or Scotland (they have nice sheep in the highlands as well).

          I’m a molecular biologist, but I’m working in a museum right now, and I’m dealing with some mollusc specimens sometimes :D But it’s far from being my speciality.

          Next week, I’m going to Iceland, and I’ll look for sheep, especially for you ! ;-)


    • It was my first time in whisky distillery, but I’ve been to several wineries in France when I was younger, and I’ve visited a lot of breweries as well. I prefer beers than wine or whisky. I’m a good Belgian :D


  4. Awesome. Thanks. :) Being very much a whiskey enthusiast, I have been to most of the bourbon distilleries in the great state of Kentucky, USA. However, I’m neither emthusiastic enough nor wealthy enough to consider the ultra high end stuff. Nope. Also, the Kentucky distilleries fear not your camera. :)


    • Oh I didn’t even know that Kentucky was famous for its whisky !! :D (I’m really ignorant when it comes to whisky). Do you like Scottish whisky as well ?

      I would have loved to document the different step, just for my personal knowledge and to be able to remember it after a few months ;-)


      • Bourbon was first distilled in Kentucky and most bourbon produced today is distlled there. Horses, whisky and tobacco – thats Kentucky. Very pretty land. I do like Scottish (and Irish) whisky, though I tend to drink bourbon… only occassionally to excess – ;)


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