Icelandic Road trip – From Keflavik to Grindavik… exploring Reykjanes peninsula

I’m back from my Icelandic trip !! I’m sorry for the lack of comments, but I was fully enjoying this trip and internet was really scarce.

From Keflavik to Grindavik… exploring Reykjanes peninsula

The flight left Manchester airport and we arrived in Iceland 1 hour and half later. The guy from the renting car agency was waiting for us at the customs with a sign with our names on it. Simple and efficient ! We picked up our SUZUKI Jimny Jeep and our wonderful adventure began !!

We headed straight for Reykjanes peninsula to enjoy as much as possible the lunar landscape of this area for the rest of the afternoon. First stop was at Hafnaberg Cliffs.

To get there from the Keflavik Airport terminal, we drove 6 km on Rd. 41 and turned right onto Rd. 44 at the sign for Hafnir (Rd. 44 merges into Rd. 425 in Hafnir). There was a parking area on the right with a trail sign that says “Hafnabergi” and from there we walked for about 1 hour to the bird cliff. The cliff is made of of basaltic layers of lava which form ledges in the cliff surface, ideal for bird nesting. It is a popular spot among bird watchers and we managed to spot some sea birds, but no puffins this time.

On our way to Grindavik, on East of Rd. 425, 2 km South of the parking area for the Hafnaberg Cliffs, we drove next to the Bridge Between Continents. The European and American plates meet there and a small footbridge was built on top of a major fissure, as a symbol for the connection between Europe and North America….. but basically, it is a thin steel span in the middle of nowhere. Not very impressive, so we didn’t really stop there but saw it from the car.

We arrived in Grindavik, a fishing town on the South coast of the Reykjanes peninsula. By far the most famous attraction of Grindavík is the Blue lagoon, the well-known Icelandic geothermal spa. Since we went there the last time we visited Iceland, we decided not to go there this time (regarding the price). If you have not been there before, you must go ! This is a truly unique experience :-)

Next stop… Krysuvik Cliffs !


61 responses to “Icelandic Road trip – From Keflavik to Grindavik… exploring Reykjanes peninsula

  1. your photos are incredible, and give me a breath of somewhere else, even though I’m sitting in a study writing hahah! thanks so much


  2. Iceland is such a beautiful country, and so few people think of it as a vacation spot. After seeing your pictures and reading your stories, they will now! This is the one part of Iceland that we missed on our road trip…I’m now wishing we made the time!


  3. Hello there ! I wanted to thank you for consisitently checking out my blog at I’m sure its obvious how much I love Iceland with all the information I have posted.


  4. Hello there ! I wanted to take the time to thank you for regularly visiting It’s nice to know you’re as big an enthusiast of Iceland as I am.


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  6. Nice to have the traveller´s perspective of Iceland :D … The Blue Lagoon is way too pricey but definately worth it if you´re in Iceland. Maybe you won´t get a second chance. There is another “blue lagoon” place in the north-east of Iceland, close to Lake Myvatn. Maybe that one is cheaper. The area around Lake Myvatn and the Westfjords are my favorite places in Iceland! :-) Travellers should definately spend some time there.

    I think the best way to enjoy Iceland the fullest is to take a roundtrip on the main road and spend extra time in places of choice – my choice, Lake Myvatn and the surroundings & the Westfjords


    • I’ve been to blue lagoon in december 2012, so I’ve experienced it and I was lucky it wasn’t too busy at that time. It was great but yeah, overpriced ! We went to myvatn bath, it was nice, but very very busy ! (but half of the price of blue lagoon…)

      My favourite place was the westfjords, the nature is wonderful over there. We even saw northern lights in Heydalur ! Lake myvatn was very nice as well, but full of flies oh gosh.. that was something !

      We did a roundtrip during 20 days, spending a bit more time in lake myvtan, the westfjords and a little bit in the highlands :-)


    • Be prepared to buy a flight ticket, I’ll submerge this blog with tons of pictures from my trip :-)

      I saw your pictures from Africa. Seeing these animals is very tempting (it is amazing) but I’m scared of bugs and spiders and stuff like that… Africa is not my top priority because of that. At least in Iceland, they don’t have spiders, and mosquitos.. :p


    • I have TONS of pictures :D I’m not even done sorting them out, but I suppose I’ll manage to do it in the following weeks :-) I hope you will go there, it is a beautiful country. I already want to go back !


    • I have one camera, my nikon D3100. I use the kit lense 18-55 mm 3.5-5.5 with extension tubes (you can buy them on amazon for very cheap) or my prime lense 50 mm 1.8. The close ups were mostly taken with the extension tubes. I hope it helps :-)


  7. I’m so glad to happen upon your blog — gorgeous photography. Is the header also from Iceland? I love bathing/soaking in hot springs, especially in the cold.


    • The picture featured in the header was taken in Blue lagoon, in Iceland, during winter 2012 :-) It was a magical place at that time, I didn’t go back this time. Hot springs are better during winter anyway, when it is cold outside.

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  8. Welcome back! The pictures are absolutely lovely as usual! I especially like the grass, the white flower and the bottom one. Wait… that’s almost all of them. I’m glad I don’t have to choose one! ;)


    • I saw some guillemots in that place, but the cliffs are really far away and it’s difficult to get a closer look if you don’t have the proper camera gear. We didn’t see many dragonflies in that place. Switzerland must be very iconic as well, with the lake and the mountain.


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