Icelandic Road trip – Bird spotting at Krýsuvíkurberg Cliffs

Since we arrived in Iceland in late afternoon, we didn’t do much the first day, other than visiting Hafnaberg Cliffs and do some shopping, stocking up on food for the rest of our trip. The next day, we got up quite early because we had a lot of stuff to do and see !

First stop : Krýsuvíkurberg Cliffs.

From Grindavik, we took road 43 then the first road on the left going toward Þorlákshöfn (Rd. 427). We drove until we saw a small wooden sign on the right that says “Krýsuvíkurbjarg”.  It is important to know that you have to take a dirt road and a regular car won’t be able to reach the cliffs without struggling. We experienced our first “river” crossing. I know, it wasn’t that deep, but for a first time, that was impressive, believe me (I’m glad we can’t zoom on my face, I think I was a bit stressed out haha :D)

The cliffs are very colourful and full of life ! Thousands of sea birds nest over there each summer and it is the largest bird cliff you can find in South Iceland. It is supposed to be packed with puffins, according to some sources, but we didn’t see any (maybe too late in the season ?). At that point, I was feeling a bit upset, not being able to see puffins : I wanted to see puffins, badly.

After a little hike on the top of the nearby hill, it was time for us to drive towards our next stop : Urriðafoss Waterfall, the waterfall of the Salmon, our first waterfall of this trip !

We took Road 427 towards Selfoss, then joined the iconic Road 1. We turned right on a gravel road just before the Þjórsá River. We continued for about 1 km on this gravel road, and we turned left on the access road just after passing a farm on the right. Urriðafoss was gorgeous. The water flew over a strong rock platform, formed during glacial times, and it is one of the most voluminous waterfalls in Iceland.

We had lunch there and we were ready to see more waterfalls, Seljalandsfoss and Skógafoss


22 responses to “Icelandic Road trip – Bird spotting at Krýsuvíkurberg Cliffs

    • We had to choose between visiting the cliff or the hot spring area… and we chose the cliffs, because we were going to visit a lot of hot spring further on in our trip :-) It’s difficult to do everything in one trip, I’m realizing that by reading your blog. We have been to the same places, but we didn’t explore the same things, most of them yes, but there are differences, it’s crazy ! Iceland is really a rich country, full of traveling opportunities :-)


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  2. Looks so peaceful and beautiful and how I imagine Iceland in my mind, haha. I look forward to all your Iceland pictures, I can’t wait to visit someday in the future.


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