Icelandic Road Trip – Searching for the Enchanted Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon

After a good night of sleep in a little cabin situated near Reynisfjara Beach, we left quite early again, took the ring road and the first stop was Hjörleifshöfði, a 221 meters turf rock promontory at 12 km from Vik. It was raining so much that we couldn’t really leave the car… at that time, I felt anxious that the day was going to be shit.

We drove passed Laufskálavarða, a lava ridge surrounded by stone cairns, between the Hólmsá and Skálmá rivers. Everyone passing by it for the first time is supposed to add a stone to bring good luck on his/her journey. Besides the cairns, the parking area has great views of the Katla, the Mýrdalsjökull and the Kötlujökull glaciers. It has stopped raining, yay !

The landscape in this region is interesting and we stopped several times along the ring road. Before the village of Kirkjubaejarklaustur there is Fjaðrárgljúfur, a beautiful gorge that is worth visiting. The canyon was created by progressive erosion due to flowing water from glaciers through the rocks over the years. It can be reached from both above or by walking beside the river. To go there, take exit to road F206 to Lakagígjar. After few minutes-drive the road to Laki leads to the right. Do not take the right turn to Laki, instead you should continue the drive for few more minutes until you arrive at Fjaðrárgljúfur. After that that, go back on the ring road. It was amazing ! One of the best places so far !

(to be continued…)


40 responses to “Icelandic Road Trip – Searching for the Enchanted Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon

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    • Some places are not so easy to find and most sat nav don’t really work outside of the ring road (at least, the free ones you can download on your phone don’t work). Better the old way, with some directions :D


    • We started to read the Icelandic saga in the car (this book is in every shop right now, it is incredible). It sounds very interresting to learn about the past of this country, but all the names, it was so difficult to remember all of them !!


    • I’ve been to many places, but Iceland is still my favourite. Everything about this place is gorgeous. We would like to go to hawaii as well, to see more active volcanoes. I hope you will get to visit this place !


    • Oh that’s interresting ! It must be very exciting to learn the language of the Vikings :D And I think it’s a good reason to visit Iceland, there are a lot of exhibitions about the Viking past, especially in Reykjavik ! she would be thrilled to visit them !


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