Icelandic Road Trip – The first time I laid my eyes on icebergs

After the hike to the black waterfall, we took our little car and hit the road again towards the famous Jökulsárlón.

On our way, we spotted a small sign marked Svínafellsjökull, pointing towards an ice tongue and we decided to give it a go. After a bumpy ride, we came right next to a wonderful glacier. The sun was already low but half of the glacier was still sunny and the other part was starting to hide in the shade. It was wonderful. Apparently, one of the scenes from Batman Begins was filmed here. We took a lot of pictures and finally decided to go back to the car to be able to reach the Jökulsárlón before the sunset.

The day couldn’t have ended in a better way, this place was magical, so colourful and the light was perfect. We took hundreds of pictures !!! :-)

We had to go to Höfn for our accommodation, so we didn’t stay much longer over there, but we were definitively going back the morning after to check out the icebergs on the beach….


42 responses to “Icelandic Road Trip – The first time I laid my eyes on icebergs

  1. Oh I love this place. We hade fog and it was exactly what I wished for. The light was amazing and so lovely. But it would be nice to see that lagoon at sunshine once again.


    • The sun or the lack of sun can change a place so much. It’s very fortunate to be able to enjoy it both ways. I was hoping for a blue sky, and we managed to get it. But with the fog, I’m sure it would have been mystical (I’m not there yet on your blog)


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    • The first time we went to Iceland, we didn’t visit it because it was during winter, and at that time, it seemed quite tricky to go there. It was on our to do list for this summer trip and I don’t regret that choice. This place was one of the best of the entire trip ! A must do !

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