Icelandic Road Trip – More glaciers, more icebergs

After a very long day, we were glad to arrive at our guesthouse. We were exhausted ! Our accommodation was in a horse farm near Höfn. The surroundings were wonderful, with the mountains and the ocean nearby. The horses were interesting to look at even if they were a bit noisy at night :-)

The next morning, we got up a bit later than the previous days and headed towards Fjallsárlón, another glacier lagoon. On our way, we passed in front of the Jökulsárlón and we decided to stop to have a look at the icebergs that were laying on the beach. It was completely different from last night ! The current was washing the icebergs away from the lagoon and they were ending up on the beach. We walked on that beach, took some pictures, get closer to the icebergs. That was nice !!!

After that, we visited Fjallsárlón, located only a few hundred meters from the main road, but hidden by a small hill, some 47 km East of Skaftafell and 10 km West of Jökulsárlón. The sky was quite grey and we didn’t feel the same way as yesterday, when we saw the Jökulsárlón for the first time. It was still very nice to see it, don’t get me wrong !

It is possible to book a tour and the zodiac boats will bring you very close to the glaciers. We didn’t do it, but I’m sure it’s nice ! It is also possible to do it in Jökulsárlón but the business in Fjallsárlón looks quieter.

After the lagoon, we went to Ingólfshöfði Cape, a historical nature reserve is home of thousands of nesting sea birds.. stay tuned for some puffins ! :-)


32 responses to “Icelandic Road Trip – More glaciers, more icebergs

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  2. Hi Gin,

    Just wanted to stop by to return the compliment and thank you for visiting.

    Your photo’s are amazing and I am enjoying reading about your trips to all the places that I know I will never be able to visit.

    Best’est :-)


    • We took so many pictures, difficult to share everything, but I tried to make a selection :-) I’m glad you like them. I’m sure if you do a boat tour you will have another perspective and it must be nice as well :-)


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