Icelandic Road Trip – Puffins… Puffins everywhere !!!!

Sadly, we left the icebergs behind us and drove to Ingólfshöfði Cape, a historical nature reserve, home of thousands of nesting sea birds, like puffins. This place is not accessible during the nesting and breeding season, but during summer it is possible to book a tour there.

On our way, we stopped by the side of the road briefly to enjoy the landscape. The sun was back ! YAY !

The meeting point with our guide was at 1.30 pm in Ingólfshöfði parking lot situated at 2 km South of the main road (1/2 hour drive East of Skaftafell and 1/2 hour drive West of Jökulsárlón ice lagoon). It can easily be missed. The road is between farms Hofsnes and Fagurhólsmýri and is marked “Ingólfshöfði 2 km”. Once we got there, we crossed 6 km of wet sand in a tractor. The bumpy drive took about 30 minutes each way.

To see the birds, you have to climb on the top of a big sand dune. It’s a bit challenging, so I wouldn’t recommend that for with a very poor physical condition.

We spent about 1 1/2 hour hiking around the cape. On top, the views were amazing but it was windy ! I was glad to have gloves and a hat ! Over there, we saw so many puffins, that was incredible. I wanted to see some puffins badly, and we’ve tried hard at other locations, but without any success. But here, OMG, we couldn’t believe our eyes. They were all here !!! Everywhere !! At that precise moment, I realized the importance of having a big zoom on your camera. I’m glad seeingthrough35mm had one, so I could see them from a distance and snap a few pictures.

I invite you to check his entries for more puffin pictures : The most photogenic puffin in Iceland, A circus of puffins and Puffins – the sequel :D

We drove back towards Höfn, satisfied and happy. Höfn can hardly be praised for its architectural beauty, but a walk around the harbour and the town in the evening can be nice. Höfn is one of the most important harbours for lobster fishing in Iceland and many of the town’s eating options include lobster dishes as the local speciality. It is expensive, it costs an arm and leg, but if you have to eat somewhere in Iceland, it would be here. We tried Pakkhus Restaurant near the harbour and it was delicious. We had a langoustine soup and a fish of the day.

That was a very relaxing day, and was very welcomed after the crazy last days spent in the South !! Next stop : the rainy East ! :-)


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    • Haha, thanks ! When we did the tour, there were people with massive cameras, that was incredible. These were probably professional photographers ! No doubt. They said that the zoom could allow them to take only the eye of the puffin !


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  3. That was great! I was all like I don’t see any puffins! Where are the puffins and then the words of your journey started. You made me climb with you to get there. Love it!


  4. Such a beautiful land, and I love that sweet puffin. This summer I saw my first puffin, I almost worshipped him :) You can check out my tags for the pictures.
    Thank you for sharing your amazing travel experiences!


  5. I’ve been following your blog for a while, and just have to say… your photos are fantastic! Well done. Please keep posting!


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