Icelandic Road Trip – The rainy East ….

We finally arrived in Djúpivogur (driving in and out around the fjords can be very slow, depending on the weather that can change suddenly, but the views are great !). This is a very small fishing town and the harbor is quite nice. It is possible to walk a bit along the shore and we did it after our lunch ! It was a lot colder than in the South.

It is also possible to book a boat tour, and departure to Papey Island is at 1 pm from Djúpivogur marina, located across the bay from Hótel Framtíð. The trip lasts 4 hours. A guided hike on the island itself is included with a look at Iceland’s oldest and smallest wooden-church. Since we had seen puffins earlier, we didn’t really want to spend extra money on this boat trip, but I’m sure it’s very nice !

We continued driving East, following the road 1, passing through the next fjord, Berufjörður. On our way, we found a very nice waterfall by the side of the road. We forgot to write down the name, so it will stay the “unknown” waterfall.. unless someone can help us identifying it !

We took road 96 and arrived in Stöðvarfjörður. We were going to visit Petra stone museum in  but when we saw a bus full of Russian tourists (at least 100 of them) parking next to us, we changed our mind….the place was so small, it was impossible that everyone fits in it ! …. instead, we went to the local swimming pool and had a dip in the hot tub.

Then the weather changed abruptly and it was raining so much when we arrived in Fáskrúðsfjörður. This town has a history of settlement by French sailors in the 1800s and that’s why we could spot some French words everywhere in the town. We spent the night in a family-owned guesthouse and it was one of our best night in Iceland ! They were so friendly !


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