Icelandic Road Trip – Mývatn, also known as the lake of flies… and for a reason !

A bit further away than Grjótagjá, we visited Dimmuborgir, a park full of lava towers, arches, caves. We spotted our first mushrooms of this trip ! There was also a path leading to the Hverfell volcanic crater that rises 1,500 feet on the Eastern shore of Lake Mývatn…. unfortunately, we didn’t have time to hike there. Maybe next time !  

I didn’t really understand why Lake Mývatn meant “the lake of flies”, until we got closer to it… That was unbearable, so many tiny flies, everywhere ! We circled a bit around the lake, took pictures of the vegetation, with some extension tubes. It was fun ! We also spotted a little church and some lava bubble burst.

After taking plenty of pictures we went back on the ring road to the meeting point of our caving tour !!


31 responses to “Icelandic Road Trip – Mývatn, also known as the lake of flies… and for a reason !

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  3. Oh! Those flies!!! We bought the face nets and off we went for two days of trout fishing and by the way the largest brown trout and numerous too. They thrive on a fly diet :). It was challenging though as none of the literature we read revealed that there are biting flies and did we get bitten!!! Am enjoying your pics and travelogue.


    • I can imagine how challenging it was, being near the water with all these flies !! At least, it was rewarding !

      I’ve seen a video showing cloulds of flies around the lake, that was scary. Apparently, every 7 years or so, there is a peak and the population is huge.


  4. Love your photos and your travelogue! :) I remember reading about Lake Myvatn beforehand and the tour books suggested purchasing netting to cover the face, available from a local shop. Of course I never got around to purchasing the netting, but we were lucky to avoid most of the flies at Lake Myvatn – a bit of a breeze the day we visited or some other ideal weather phenomenon! It’s too bad they are so thick there because it is such a beautiful area!


    • Thank you ! Yes, I’ve seen a lot of people using them ! And our tour guide for the ice cave gave us some as well. The little breeze must have been delightful, I can imagine.

      We stayed two days over there, and we regret not being able to stay for longer, that was a very nice area :-)


    • Actually, there are a lot of birds over there due to the huge amount of flies. I think it’s a complicated ecosystem but the landscape is perfect for the flies to lay eggs and they multiply very quickly. Maybe I should dig a bit and find a good explanation :p

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