Icelandic Road Trip – Exploring Lofthellir Lava cave

We booked an organized tour for Lofthellir Lava cave that is known to have the greatest natural ice sculptures. It was a 45-minute drive South-East from Lake Mývatn on a regular road then 1 hour on a very bumpy road through the lava fields (the last part was pretty rough, especially if you suffer from motion sickness :s). Thankfully, I was sitting next to the driver, so I didn’t feel that bad :p

The guide gave us helmets with with a light, a pair of boots and we headed down to the cave. The entrance was very narrow and we had to crawl to get into the cave and it was very slippery. Once we got inside, our mind was blown away with all these odd shapes and ice formations. The rooms were huge, more than 6 meters sometimes, it was very impressive.

I would recommend to bring warm clothes (waterproof if possible) and gloves are also a good thing to have. Unless you have a waterproof trousers, you will end up quite wet, so taking some spare clothes with may not be a bad idea :-))


52 responses to “Icelandic Road Trip – Exploring Lofthellir Lava cave

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  2. wow.. It’s so beautiful…Iceland is very far from my country, but at least I can enjoy and ‘feel’ the beautiful scenery trough your photos.., thank you for sharing..


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    • It was the first time we were seeing that kind of ice formations. It was nice ! It’s raining a lot today, not much to do… lazy Sunday hehe :D I hope you have better weather than me !


    • They don’t glow by themselves. Actually, it’s completely dark inside the cave. So in order for us to see the ice, the guide place a torch lamp in the background. And it gives that effect :-) A bit less magical I suppose, but still very nice :-)


    • Thank you ! Itwas really a nice experience. A must do, at least once… Over there, we also experienced the complete darkness when the guide switched all the lights off and that was something as well… it was so quiet and beautiful.


    • These were incredible ! We were walking on the ice as well, and at the beginning, I was a bit scared to slip but the boots were really good and had a good grip ! After a few minutes, I was enjoying myself completely :-)

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    • Bonne journée à toi également ! C’était très difficile de prendre des photos car il faisait vraiment noir sans les lampes et du coup, c’était difficile de faire la mise au point


    • It was very strange to be able to see ice formations in the middle of the summer ! In the cave, it is very cold, but each time people get into it, the air is getting warmer and the ice formations are slightly melting. So when we visited it, it was the end of the tour season, and I’m sure it was even more breathtaking in May or June when the ice formations were huge and filling the whole room :-)

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