Icelandic Road Trip – The echoing cliffs and some nice mushrooms

After taking some pictures at the breathtaking Selfoss waterfall, we continued down the road and a whole valley of extraordinary rock formations opened up (Vesturdalur Valley). We stopped at Hljóðaklettar (also known as the “The echoing cliffs”) car park. It was raining a bit. From the car park, one trail was going to the right towards “Karl og Kerling”, two rock pillars believed to be a pair of petrified trolls in the image of a man and a woman. The other trail was going to the left towards Hljóðaklettar, “The Echo rock” themselves. We did this hike and it was an easy one (a 40-minutes hike with stops from the parking lot). There were plenty of mushrooms, that was a nice surprise !

From end of route 862, take route 85 towards Husavik. We passed next to the Skjalftavatn Lake, also called Quake Lake. We stopped briefly at the shores of Bakkakrokur where you can sport some birds. We finally stopped in Husavik, had a look at the wooden church Húsavíkurkirkja. The sun was back !

Husavik is very famous for whale watching, unfortunately, our planning didn’t allow us to go on a cruise in order to spot some whales, but apparently, it is a must do !

We slept in a farm nearby :-)


30 responses to “Icelandic Road Trip – The echoing cliffs and some nice mushrooms

  1. Next time I had to rent a 4×4 vehicle. We really wanted to go to Hljóðaklettar last year. But with our car it wasn’t allowed by the rental company. But your photos are very good!


    • It was the first time I was seeing mushrooms like this ! They were everywhere !! I would like to take more pictures of mushrooms, maybe I should try to find some nearby and experiment a bit :-)


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