Icelandic Road Trip – The Beauty vs The Beast

From the guesthouse, we went back on road 85 and joined road 1 to go to Goðafoss waterfall, the waterfall of the Gods, also nicknamed by some locals as “The Beauty” in comparison to “The Beast” (which is Dettifoss). I completely agree ! This waterfall was wonderful !

From the car park, there was a short path to the waterfall and it was easily accessible ! We had a choice of going down to the river level to look at the waterfall from its base or to go up to where we could see the waterfall from its top. We decided to do both. There was also footbridge that provided a convenient access from the West to the East bank as well as a more frontal view of Geitafoss, which was a smaller waterfall further downstream of Goðafoss .

The weather was fabulous, we saw some rainbows and the water looked so blue !


37 responses to “Icelandic Road Trip – The Beauty vs The Beast

  1. The color of the water is amazing! Thank you for sharing your beautiful images and writing the notes. I feel like being there – can feel the icy water and fresh breeze :)


    • You should (before it’s too late !). Glaciers are melting, there are more and more tourists, and some of them don’t respect anything… I’m a bit scared to be honest, I hope we will still be able to enjoy this raw nature in a few years.


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