Icelandic Road Trip – A beautiful waterfall plunging into a deep gorge

The sky was really grey when we got up that morning. We drove towards Blönduós, taking road 744 then 74. There was a church that looked like a volcanic crater and we briefly stopped over there (If I can see the crater, I’m sure you can see it too ! :p). From the car, we saw the Blanda River which divides the town in two parts. It is apparently one of the best rivers for salmon fishing in Iceland. Unfortunately, all in all, there was not so much to see over there.

We continued on road 1 until we reached Vatnsdalshólar, an area of small hills and cone-shaped hillocks. A bit further away, the road 715 took us to Kolugljúfur, a beautiful gorge (20-25 m deep and 2 km long). Kolufossar, the waterfall inside this gorge, was breathtaking and we managed to take some pictures under the rain. With a better weather, I think it could have been nice to walk along the gorge. The legend says that Kola the troll was living there. I would recommend this place !

As the weather was getting worse and worse, we took road 711 to go along the coast and reach  Vatnsnes Peninsula


10 responses to “Icelandic Road Trip – A beautiful waterfall plunging into a deep gorge

    • Thank you, but to be honest, that’s my least favourite batch of pictures of this trip, it was so difficult to take a good picture, with the bright sky and the rain :-) But the waterfall was much more beautiful than that, believe me!


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