Icelandic Road Trip – Enchanting Heydalur

We continued our exploration of Strandir, driving towards Djúpavík, an old herring factory that has now been changed to an exhibition of the time when Djúpavík was important for Iceland’s economy. It was possible to walk in the old factory but we didn’t do it.

The drive was very slow due to the damaged road. At least.. we enjoyed the landscape ! :-)

From Djúpavík, we went back on road 61, then 633, driving through more fjords to get to the hostel.

Heydalur is a very small village where you can only find a farm and a hostel. Near the river Heydalsá there is a hot spot. The story tells that the bishop Gudmundur the Good blessed this hot spot in the 12th century and that many sick people have been cured after a visit there….

It was our favourite guesthouse of the whole stay ! It was delightful ! We even saw an Arctic fox !!! How cute ! The food was cheap and delicious, the breakfast was huge !!! Everything was great ! We loved that place :-)

More about Heydalur in my next post!


33 responses to “Icelandic Road Trip – Enchanting Heydalur

  1. This is the best portion of the travel to meet a stranger which you never expect to see…Amazing good luck to meet An Arctic Wolf….she is sooo cute and adorable…


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    • She was coming very close to us and was very playful ! At the beginning, I was afraid she may be a carrier of rabbies, but apparently, icelandic foxes are immunized against this disease, because they’ve never been in contact with continental foxes.

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  3. Always love your photos. And the fox was a benefit. I really liked the picture of the fox with its shadow behind it.
    By the way, did you go to Iceland in warmer weather, or are you still there right now?


    • I was there during the last three weeks of August. Me too ! It’s my favourite picture of her! :-) It was warm in the South, but in the North, we had 2°C one evening, that was cold ! :-)


    • It was really remote, and the road was really bumpy as well. I was glad I wasn’t driving for that part of the road trip.. I was just taking pictures from the car window :D

      Thank you, you too ! It’s really cold here today, winter is coming! :p


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