Icelandic Road Trip – An Arctic fox and Northern lights.. what else to dream about !?

I was telling you in my previous post that Heydalur was wonderful, and I have to insist again about that ! This place was delightful !!!

We arrived in late afternoon and we met this adorable Arctic fox in the parking lot. One employee told us that some hunters killed the mum by mistake, and that her two cubs were left alone. Her and her brother were found in the surroundings of the guesthouse. So the people at the guesthouse decided to keep the little girl, and the The Arctic Fox Center in Súðavík took the little guy. It’s a sad story, but the fox seemed really happy. I hope this winter, she will be able to meet other foxes and will return to the wild. She is a thief, and better to be careful about your towels!  Apparenlty, she loves entering in the room to lick the windows or other stuff as you can see … :-)

That night, there were northern lights dancing over our heads. I didn’t have a tripod, but seeingthrough35mm managed to take great shots ! Here is two pictures taken by him to illustrate what I’m saying!

The next morning, we took our car and started our journey through the fjords towards Ísafjörður.


69 responses to “Icelandic Road Trip – An Arctic fox and Northern lights.. what else to dream about !?

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  2. There is so much beauty to behold in this world and it’s a such a pleasure to be able to see the beauty and wonder of Iceland through your lens. The sweet little arctic fox is too adorable for words! ~ Jeannie :)


    • There are two species of Arctic fox in Iceland. The white Arctic fox, who is grey during summer and white during winter, and the blue Arctic fox, who is grey-ish-blue during both seasons. They don’t change colours as they grow up, but they change colours according to the season. I think this one will stay grey, and the little brother will become white during winter. But I’m no specialist :-)


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  4. I am blown away by: 1) the trip you are having (jealous, jealous, jealous) and 2) the incredible job you are doing documenting it so well. Wow! Well done!


  5. Your story about the Arctic fox was beautiful. Good to know that she found a home and there’s a happy ending. You photos on the northern lights were very well captured, bearing in mind that you didn’t use a tripod!


    • Oh, no, I didn’t have a tripod so my pictures were horrible ! All blurred ! These are the pictures taken by seeingthrough35mm :-)

      I’m still a bit worried about the winter, to see if she will be able to meet the other foxes or not :-(


    • I think it’s going to be difficult for her to leave the campsite. Because I’m sure some tourists are giving her food, so she must not feel the urge to hunt. But who knows, there are less tourists during winter and maybe the call for mating will be stronger.


    • I’ve always wanted to see northern lights, but last time we were in Iceland, during winter, we didn’t get the chance to see any. And here, we were very fortunate to see them, dancing over our heads :) I love them and I hope I will be able to see more of them during our trip to Lapland next winter :-)


  6. I really enjoyed this trip diary and laughed after reading. This adorable Arctic fox is very cute and she loves lick the toilet, like a naughty child.
    The Northern Lights is like flowing color rivers.
    I am looking forward to your next trip.;-)


    • Yes, haha, I was laughing very hard when she sneaked into our room to sniff the shower and the toilet and became a windows licker :D It was also very difficult to get her out of our room :-) The northern lights were really pretty :-)

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    • It was very fortunate indeed ! When we went to Iceland during winter 2012, we didn’t see any northern lights, so to be honest, we didn’t expect much .. but we were lucky ! The breakfast in Heydalur was so so so good, especially the salmon :-)


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