Icelandic Road Trip – Dynjandi, the best waterfall of the Westfjords

From far away, we could see the iconic Dynjandi waterfall we were trying to reach. When driving in and out the fjords, everything looked so close but in fact, it took us some time to reach it. It was roughly situated at 45 minutes from Þingeyri.

The waterfall came from Dynjandisá river, a glacial river that dropped off a cliff, forming a bride’s veil shape waterfall that was approximatively 30 meters wide at its top and 60 meters at its bottom.  Below the main waterfall, a series of 6 cascades connected the glacial water to the sea. The names of the other waterfalls are Hæstahjallafoss, Strompgljúfrafoss, Göngumannafoss, Hrísvaðsfoss, Hundafoss and Bæjarfoss. We hiked on top to be able to see all these little falls downstream of Dynjandi and that was so nice even if the sun was very well hidden !

We took road 62 then 60 and drove for so long to be able to reach our guesthouse in Bjarkalundur.I shot a lot of pictures from the windows of the car and we occasionally stop to enjoy the views. That was a very long day !


43 responses to “Icelandic Road Trip – Dynjandi, the best waterfall of the Westfjords

  1. Hi, just found your blog and am thrilled to stumble over these posts about Iceland. I visited it twice years ago and drove all around the island. My favourite part were definitely the beautiful westfjords, and Breiðavík. Great pictures! Makes me want to go back!


  2. Such captivating scenery and what a memorable journey! The best part is getting an uninterrupted view of the landscape minus the tourists! The only challenge about this trip is spelling and pronouncing the names of places you visited. :)


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  4. Dynjandi is a such a beauty and hardly anyone gets the opportunity to actually see it since it’s in the West fjords; far from the tourist spots, ring road, or any typical Iceland tours. Thanks again for sharing and providing the road routes.


    • Haha, yeah !!! This is extremely funny that we take the same pictures.. and it looks like we had a similar weather as well :-) I shoot all the signs because I wouldn’t have been able to remember the name of all of them :p

      Have a nice week !


      • We had only 4°C on our drive in the Southern Westfjords. But it gots warmer as the day progresses.
        And it’s the same here. I wouldn’t be able to remember all those names. So I’m happy you named them all in your posting. ;) Have a nice week, you too!

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  5. I love your waterfall photos, as I’m a big fan of hunting out and hiking to waterfalls. But the pics of the fjords are so-o great, I’m now a fan of those, too. Thanks for sharing your journey.


    • I love chasing waterfall as well, and Iceland is the perfect land for that ! There are all so different and unique, it’s never boring :-) But you are right, the fjords are also beautiful and they create a special atmosphere, very serene and peaceful. Thanks for stopping by ! :-)


  6. Have just got in from a long day out Gin and very happy to see another instalment of your Icelandic travels – the photos as usual are just stunning! Am so impressed by all the names as well – they must be difficult to spell! I must get a map out and see exactly where you went it looks an incredible road trip and so helpful to anyone else if they are planning a similar trip at any time! :)


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