Icelandic Road Trip – Exploring Snaefellsnes Peninsula under the rain

We left the magical Westfjords behind us and headed South. We took back road 60 then road 54 leading to Snaefellsnes Peninsula, often considered as an “Iceland in Miniature”, as many national sights can be found in this unique area. We went there during our previous trip to Iceland that took place in winter 2012, and we really loved that part ! So we were really looking forward going back there and explore all the sights we missed the first time :-)

The sky was very grey and the sun didn’t show up at all the whole morning as were were driving along the coast.

Our first stop was at the the shark farm : Bjarnarhöfn. You can’t really miss it as there is a giant shark sign on the side of the road.  The production of shark meat and the shark fishing “industry” has been a part of the daily life of Icelandic fishermen for generations. This family decided to share their knowledge with tourists and they even built a small museum, containing a lot of objects related to the fishing industry, and especially, related to the shark fishing business (we could see harpoons, all the tools required to catch shark, some shark jaws, …).  If you book a tour, you can learn about the preparation of shark meat and even taste a sample. When we arrived, there was a bus full a Russian tourists and it was so packed inside that it wouldn’t have been possible for us to book a tour. So we briefly sneaked into the museum, looked a bit around and went back to the car. The smell was horrible over there, better not to have too sensitive a nose if you plan to visit :-) 

We stopped for a lunch, and it was raining so much at this point… and it didn’t look like the sky was going to clear up. But we were still hoping for a bit of sunshine !

We drove past Kirkjuvell, believed by many to be the most beautiful mountain of Iceland. With the mist and the heavy rain, we didn’t have the chance to really appreciate this table Mountain that was carved into its current shape by the Ice-age glaciers.

To get to the tip of the Peninsula, we had to take road 574. We finally entered in the famous Snæfellsjökull national park. The Snæfellsjökull glacier lies on top of a volcano and it’s the centre of the park. In the park, they are a lot of interesting sights, unfortunately, the weather was not on our side. It was extremely windy and it was raining so so much. We managed to stop briefly at Londrangar cliffs.

We finally came to our final destination, Arnarstapi, where we were spending one night. We were a bit devastated not being able to enjoy the wonders of the Snaefellsnes Peninsula… And the weather forecast for the following days was not fabulous


40 responses to “Icelandic Road Trip – Exploring Snaefellsnes Peninsula under the rain

    • Oh awesome ! I went to Snaefellsnes Peninsula twice. The first time, we didn’t get any rain, but it was during winter so it was cold. And second time is during summer, and yeah.. it was awful. Fingers crossed for you !!! Can’t wait to see your pictures !!

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  1. Stunning volcanic beach, your images are excellent even that the weather conditions were tough.
    What a demonic head! And if to add the smell… but I would love to see it anyway :)


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    • Don’t worry ! I understand ! I have a similar problem, I’m really busy with work and it’s difficult to keep up with the blog (especially reading other’s blogs :-)). I hope your internet is working again :-)


  3. So, you’ve gone back?! I can’t seem to see your posts on Iceland chronologically, but I know your last trip was in wintertime, right? I have many of the same photos from the Snaefellsnes Peninsula, and it’s fun to see some of the places in other parts of the country that we did not get to this past summer.


    • I have been to Iceland twice, but I didn’t post anything about my winter trip. So everything you see on that blog is from my last trip,my summer trip, and all the entries are posted chronologically :-) My header is from my winter trip though… :-)


  4. Such a pity you had such a bad weather at Snæfellsnes Peninsula. And didn’t you taste the shark? ;) They offered us some cubes as we visited the museum. However, we were there with only a handful other tourists. The soup looks delicious!


  5. Not really into the shark industry because I don’t believe they should be killed. But the post is wonderful and the pictures lovely! Looks like a fantastic place. Thanks for sharing :)


    • Snaefellsnes Peninsula is really an interesting place. I know what you mean about the shark industry, I have mixed feelings as well. In a way, it’s part of their past and tradition, and I respect that but I don’t think they should continue to do that. Thanks for stopping by :-)

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  6. It looks beautiful from the photos Gin but must have been rather cold and far too wet to do much! This was in summer too? I definitely wouldn’t like the smell in the shark museum! I love the charming little houses they look so pretty!


    • Exactly. We tried to walk a bit near Londrangar cliffs, but the rain was really strong. We would have loved to visit more…. yep, this was in summer too. But the weather is always changing in Iceland, and we stayed there 3 weeks. This is during the last week spent in this wonderful country. It was definitively cold than in the beginning of August.


  7. Really interesting bit about the shark “industry” but I have to say my favorite part was how you just had to warn us right in the title that out was raining :D


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