Icelandic Road Trip – So much rain but a beautiful waterfall

The weather was not much better than the day before, and according to the Icelandic forecast website, it was going to be like this for several days in a row in the Snæfellsnes peninsula. Instead of waiting for a sun that wasn’t going to come out, we decided to take our chance a bit further South. From the guesthouse, we joined road 54, then road 1 near Borgarnes before taking road 50 towards more waterfalls !! On our way, we stopped to see more Icelandic horses and some cattle.

We finally arrived near the parking area and walked  towards Hraunfossar and Barnafoss watertalls, following the trails. Hraunfossar means “lava falls” because the water surfaces from underneath the Grahraun Lava Field. The waterfall consists of countless springs of clear water that emerge from under the edge of the lava field and flow into the Hvítá river. It’s quite unique and beautiful. One of my favourite waterfall so far ! The other waterfall, Barnafoss, is above a walking bridge and takes its name from a tragic story where two boys fell of a bridge and died in this waterfall.

We went back on road 50 towards Reykholt, had a burger and went to our next guesthouse. I don’t think the weather could have gone worse but we were so happy to have been able to see these wonderful waterfalls :-)


32 responses to “Icelandic Road Trip – So much rain but a beautiful waterfall

  1. More beautiful photos – I love the combination of the wonderful scenery, the charming buildings and the magnificent horses (at a safe distance!). It looks so atmospheric! Thanks for sharing more of your travel photos Gin and have a great weekend :)


  2. You’ve made the best of it. Such a pity the weather was so bad. So there’s the interesting crater Eldborg near the road, which one could reach in a three-quarters of an hour walk. But the waterfalls are a so beautiful, too. I find both very impressive. Have a lovely day! ;)


    • The crater was on my planning sheet, as well as a lava cave and a purple mountain, but the weather was really horrible to be able to go for a hike :-( I think the West part of Iceland deserved to be explored more thoroughly :-)


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