Icelandic Road Trip – Landmannalaugar, The Pearl of the Central Highlands

We continued on road F26 before taking road F208 and F224 towards the camping area of Landmannalaugar. The F208 is so bumpy that only a 4×4 can really drive there. With our Jimny, we really struggled, it took us at least 2 hours to do 20 km :-)

It was very dusty and the vegetation was rather scarce, but the volcanoes and mountains around us were stunning ! We climbed a little hill and we go to this amazing viewpoint ! It was very windy and steep, but it was worth it !

The rich colours of the mountains surrounding the area and the outstanding contrasts appearing in the lava fields were truly amazing. I did some close up of the vegetation, it was so so pretty !

We went back to Reykjavik the next morning, and it took us approximately 4 hours, by road 26 then road 1. We walked a bit through Reykjavik, had a last meal and went back to our hostel.

 That was our last day in Iceland ! It was a wonderful trip, and I hope you enjoyed it as well!

Stay tuned for my next posts, I still have many adventures to share with you :-)




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89 responses to “Icelandic Road Trip – Landmannalaugar, The Pearl of the Central Highlands

  1. Oh you’re so lucky to have got to Landmannalaugur. I went there in the mid 80s and was dying to take my family back last summer but the weather was so unspeakably foul that we decided there wasn’t much point, the cloud level was so low and horizontal rain for 12 days out of our 14! We still had the best holiday ever but didn’t get to Landmannalaugur. Next time! #MondayEscapes


  2. What a beautiful area, Gin! Have you ever been to the Canadian Rockies? These vistas seem quite similar, although Iceland is volcanic in origin, where CR is uplift. Thank you for posting!


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  3. I so enjoyed looking over your shoulder in Iceland. I had not considered visiting there, now it seems like a place not to miss. Am looking forward to your next travels.
    p.s. Eastern Australia is an exceedingly beautiful natural area. We found their spring-time an excellent time to visit. After Christmas, the ‘schoolies’ let out and everything gets crowded. I saw that someone mentioned Australia above.


    • I’m glad you enjoyed this virtual trip and that you even consider visiting this beautiful country afterwards :-) I hope you will get there at one point, it is so amazing.

      As for Australia, yes, I would like to visit ! so you would recommend visiting in October/November ?


    • I was there for 3 weeks last summer, the last 3 weeks of August. It’s the end of the tourist season as many birds have already left the island. so it was a lot quieter, we managed to see northern lights but the weather was not as good as in the middle of June I suppose. It’s all about compromises :-)


  4. Such a beautiful post, such lovely pictures. I know how much you want to go back there. Your blog posts on Iceland makes me want to visit it even more. Sadly I could not plan it this year due to some other personal commitments, I wish I make it next year.



  5. Wow, these photos are delicate. Make me much more curious to visit that place one time. Thanks for sharing your beautiful journey with us. It was fun to “travel” with you. When do you go back again to Iceland? ;)


  6. Superb post to finish off your Icelandic series Gin have so enjoyed reading them! The view at the top of the hill was well worth the climb and the vegetation and the colours are so unusual! I’m looking forward to reading your future posts too! :)


      • Iceland has been on my wish list for a very long time (30years). Anapurna and Spiti valley also waiting, … . Guess it starts by informing about a flight ticket.


        • I’m a bit ashamed to admit that I didn’t know about Spiti Valley, and I had to google it :D

          Then I realised I knew that place, I’ve seen it in a documentary about how to dispose the deaths in these places, but I didn’t know the name. The main difference with Iceland is that you have to train yourself for such highs I suppose ? If you plan to do some hiking, it must be very strenuous.

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          • spiti hiking … accompanied by a 4WD vehicle, perhaps. For tibetan standards it is relatively low (around 4000m) but still respectable and not to be joked with. 2 years ago we managed to survey rohtang pass, but our vehicle was no match for the road. Next time we’ll have to plan in advance and stay 3 or 4 days at 3000m before taking the leap.

            then there is also New Zealand, waiting to be discovered, …

            great dreaming about

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    • We were lucky to meet some people at the top of the little mountain and we asked them to take a picture of us (we forgot the tripod in the car) :-) And Yes, what an unforgettable adventure :-)


    • We would like to visit Australia, and also do a road trip. But.. I’m really scared of spiders, and I’m a bit concerned about them. Did you have a lot of encounters with them during your trip to Australia ?


      • We didn’t encounter any spiders. Guess it is like anywhere – there are venomous creatures that live in every location. It reminds me of the first time we planned a trip to Arizona – I bought special hiking boots because I was worried about rattlesnakes (never saw any). This all isn’t to say you shouldn’t be concerned about what is around you, especially in Australia. That said, it is the absolute BEST place we’ve ever been, and plan on going back in a couple of years. And that’s saying a lot because it takes 15 hours flying time to get from the west coast of the U.S. to Australia. You can’t imagine the feeling of having wild parrots flying up to your table, and the stunning beauty of the Great Barrier Reef. And penguins, kangaroos, and koalas around your cottage at Kangaroo Island. Wow!


        • I’ve looked at some of your pictures from Australia, it is true that it looks wonderful ! The parrots are very colourful ! And of course, diving in the great barrier reef must be a lifetime experience ! A bit like you, it takes us a lot of time to fly there, close to 25 hours (there is no direct flight). I feel a bit better hearing what you said about the spiders, thank you :-)


      • Yea, I have the same problem the wind and snow coming together even with our raincoat on it is quite painful when the snow hit your face….I missing Iceland already and saving up now for my next trip…ha…


          • Yea, Iceland addictive and it cost alot for the transport and petrol and accommodation – we are lucky as we only spend about 300 gbp on food for 12 days as we cook most of the days when we stay at the chalet or cottage.
            it is okay, I am going to update it today, as we have an interim assessment tomorrow.


    • We will see what I’m going to talk about in my next posts, but it won’t be Iceland :-) This post is the end of my road trip in Iceland :-) I’m glad you liked them and I hope you will also enjoyed what I have to say about other places :-)


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