Vienna by day

After having explored Vienna by night, I decided to woke up very early the next morning to be able to walk in the town in the daylight. I only had 2 hours ahead of me before the meeting and thankfully, the weather that morning looked promising !

I didn’t wander too far away from the Museum of Natural History … I was afraid to get lost and late for the meeting :-) I had a closer look at the Austrian Parliament designed by Hansen, a famous architect that had studied architecture in Athens and the Greek influence clearly shows in his design as you can see :-) 

I also had a little stroll in the park nearby, Volksgarten. A lot of people were doing morning exercises in the park, especially tai chi :-)

Just before catching my flight back home, I walked to St Stephen’s Cathedral, one of the most important building of Vienna. It was in renovation, but it remained very impressive even with the scaffolds all over the place.

Vienna is a wonderful city but a few days are required to be able to explore what the town has to offer. I hope to go back there ! :-)


58 responses to “Vienna by day

  1. What stunning photos- the colours are beautiful. I only visited Vienna for a really short time too, years ago on an interrail tour of Europe, and I think I really need to go back. Thanks for linking up with #citytripping

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    • I went there for a business trip so I wasn’t not really expecting anything. But I was just amazed to see the architecture ! Vienna is just wonderful and full of charm. I think you should give it a go for sure :-)


  2. You managed to take some lovely photos in a short time Gin so pretty! Yes Vienna is wonderful – we spent 4 nights (and nearly 5 days) there in April and there is so much we’d still like to see and do there – we’ll have to go back! :)


  3. Great photos! Love Vienna. Glad you’re enjoying it! The architecture is beautiful and as someone with Greek roots, I believe that the Greek finishes add another bit of class to an already majestic city!


    • It was barely 2°C that morning, and maybe 20-30 people were practising in the park. It looks very peaceful and I was tempted to take pictures of them, but I didn’t want to disturb them by asking them if I could take some pictures. The baby elephant is just in front of the Natural History museum ! It is so cute :-)


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