Is is possible to enjoy yourself alongside 47 000 other people ?

It is possible, but it is not that easy ….

Not so long ago, I was telling you about my visit to Disneyland Paris and how I wasn’t prepared to face so many people… oh well, I regret having said these words now :D

The last time felt almost too good compared to the crowds we’ve faced last weekend… 47 000 people or something like that. We had to wait for hours in order to do some attractions, it was impossible to have food or drink because everything was so full. Not to mention doing some shopping, because too many people were packed in the shops…

The only advantage is that we had the entrance to both parks (Walt Disney Studio and Disneyland) due to a mistake of the tour company. Since we haven’t been there the last time, we decided to spend most of our time in the new park. We discovered the new attraction, Ratatouille, a ride in the dark with a lot of 3D projection.That was wonderful, one of my favourite attraction so far. It felt so real !

We also did Crush’s Coaster and The flying Carpets.

In the other park, we only had the time to go the haunted house before going home. We walked around, trying to avoid crushing is someone else and I played a bit with my camera :D

It was very nerve-wracking to be in a confined place with that many people. Not the best time of the year to go there I suppose… but I recommend the Ratatouille ride !


54 responses to “Is is possible to enjoy yourself alongside 47 000 other people ?

  1. Great pictures… at the original Disneyland here in Southern California, visitors were turned away on Christmas Day as the park was full… who would choose to go to Disneyland on any holiday? A Wednesday when it is raining is the best choice!!!


  2. Dear Gin:
    I read about Disneyland you this blog, I want to share my travel experience, I like a place few people trip, for example, now is the season of red maple leaves in Kyoto, I will not go, because a lot of people.
    you Disney pictures is full of the joy of feeling and everything looks very happy, where many people need to find a quiet corner.


  3. Fabulous pictures – love the Disney festive element coming through! We went to Orlando last month – strategically planned to avoid the worst crowds though it was still busy….No Ratatouille ride there unfortunately, shame as I think that would be right up my street!


  4. Anywhere else with 47000 people but at Disney – is it always possible to enjoy yourself :)
    How wonderful!! A trip down memory lane for us as it was over 8 years ago we were here. And almost exactly 2 years since we were in Orlando!
    Grat photos!


  5. Ohhhh you will never want to go there in August hahahha it is impossible to have fun!! Though during winter, I found it way better!!
    How awesome that they finally have a new attraction… I already want to go again :D did you like it? The Ratatouille ride? :D
    Stunning photos as always, I gotta learn with you!!


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