5 things to do in Kuching during the rainy season

Going to Borneo in December will allow you to escape the mosquitoes, but you will face heavy rains, humidity and high temperatures (around 30°C, still less than during the dry season). Kuching, also known as the cat city, is the wettest populated area in Malaysia, so be prepared for good showers :-)

The humidity can be as high as 95%, so it can be a bit difficult to acclimatise at the beginning.  But it’s a compromise… you will get the rain, however, you will be free of the nasty bugs and mosquitoes. It think the deal is not so bad :-)

We decided that we didn’t mind the rain and went for it last winter and we had a lot of fun ! We were based in Kuching and stayed there for a week. I will share with you what you can do in the city despite the frequent rain showers :-)

* Enjoying the food

The food in Kuching is even cheaper than in Singapore and we’ve found the perfect place to enjoy delicious sea food : “Top Spot Restaurant“. This is the place to be in Kuching !!! It’s located on the roof of a garage, and it’s like an open-air food court. Over there, lobsters, shrimps, crabs and octopuses are stored fresh on ice, and you can choose what you want to eat. The sea food can be cooked with garlic, butter or with fresh vegetables. It was wonderful and so cheap !

* Buying fruits in Satok Weekend Market

If you go to Borneo during the rainy season, you have to know that it is also the fruit season. Going to the Satok Weekend Market during weekend is a good option to discover new fruits you’ve never heard about, such as rambutan or the jackfruit. For a few dollars, you get kilos of fruits, it is very cheap. I would not recommend taking a taxi to go there. We did it on our way to the market and it was a complete rip-off.

* Walking along the waterfront promenade

This promenade is very nice to do ! You will pass in front of a lot of shops selling local handicrafts, cafés and food stalls. If you want to go to the other side, you can jump onto a Tambang, a small wooden boat with a pitched roof covering wooden benches. It is something to experience :-)

*Exploring Little India

It is also nice to walk in Little India, especially if you want to by nice fabrics. There are also a lot of museums close-by to visit if you are that kind of person! :-)

* Searching for Chinese temples

Chinese temples are found everywhere in the town and are very colourful. You can find vivid paintings, well-decorated candle-holders and smell of burning incense !

Tua Pek Kong is located right opposite the waterfront and is the oldest temple in Kuching, but Hong San Temple was the best looking temple of the town in my opinion. Guan Thian Siang Ti temple is a Taoist temple close to little India, with a small tortoise pond inside.

Kuching has many things to offer and you can easily spend a few days walking around, especially if you want to visit some museums. It is also possible to make some day trips, and I will talk a bit more about what we’ve visited around the cat city in a future post :-)

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43 responses to “5 things to do in Kuching during the rainy season

  1. Looks great – I’n not sure about the humidity, I’ve been struggling here in the UK the past few weeks. But maybe it’s different when you’re travelling and not living your everyday life. This part of the world always looks so colourful, maybe one day I’ll get there!


    • It’s way worse over there, believe me. In the uk, it’s more like a dry heat, but over there, it’s a bit like being in a hammam (during the rainy season). so if you ever want to visit, maybe choose another period than December :-)


  2. Looks a great place Gin – I’ve never been there though have been to Singapore and Bali. I do find humidity really difficult (that’s why Perth is so lovely it’s usually a dry heat in the summer) – but the food sounds delicious and I love all the photos you took at the temple. Hope your English exam went well last week and have a lovely weekend :)


    • Humidity is difficult to cope with especially when you are not used to it. If you plan to go there, it’s best to save a day or two to acclimatise yourself and do nothing too exhausting. Walking there can be very challenging as well because it can be difficult to breathe.

      Oh well, I’ll got the results next Friday. But the exam was more difficult than expected. For the reading part, I had a text about bridge construction, and I was faced with a lot of words I didn’t know like “girder” and other technical terms :o

      Liked by 1 person

    • It was my first experience in South East Asia (with Singapore, but Singapore is a bit special) and I was really amazed by all these difference in colours, shape and way of behaving. Do you plan to get there soon ?


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