A drink at the Ice bar

The Ice Hotel in Kiruna (Swedish Lapland) was the first and biggest hotel made of ice and snow in the world. This year was the 25th edition of the Ice Hotel. Each suite is unique and the architecture of the hotel is changed each year, as it is rebuilt from scratch. In the rooms, there is no heating or bathrooms, and the ambient temperature is around -5°C.

You can visit the hotel before 6 pm (before the guests check-in) but you have to pay more than 30 euros per person in order to have a look at the rooms. We didn’t want to spend so much money for that, instead, we decided to go and have a drink in the Ice Bar nearby :-)

In the Ice Bar, everything is made of ice, from the bar, to the tables and chairs, and the atmosphere is very great. We sipped a delicious cocktail in a glass also made of ice ! Prices are not so bad for a non-alcoholic cocktails (around 5 euros) but more pricey for alcoholic cocktails (around 11 euros). Eccentricity has a price :-(

We spent about 1 hour and half over there, and I had fun going to the Ice bar… it was an unique experience. It’s something you can do if you go to Kiruna during winter, as the Ice Hotel is only 17 km away from the town :-)

I wish you a Merry Christmas, I hope you had a great time ! We are in Lapland right now, the daylight is very limited and temperatures are so cold ! We had heavy snowfalls this afternoon, that was crazy, I’ve never seen so much snow in my whole life :-)

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  1. What a unique experience it would be to stay at the ice hotel. I’ve been to the Ice Bar in London and that was interesting – obviously nothing like the hotel but it was a fun experience and the cocktails in ice glasses were delicious #MondayEscapes

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    • I have noticed that my 50 mm makes better pictures than my 18-55mm (kit lens) in low light conditions and I prefer the atmosphere of the last shots (taken with the 50 mm). The white balance was quite tricky to achieve, it didn’t reflect the actual colour of the room, it’s much darker in my pictures than it was in reality.

      Ice hotel are really growing everywhere :-)


  5. Sooo cool!! I always wanted to stay at a Ice Hotel… but they are sooo expensive :(
    I love the ice bars :D The first one I went to was in Stockholm and I loved it! You guys had so much fun in this trip!!


  6. Nice pictures of the ice bar! Seems like ice hotels are popular over Scandinavia. They actually have one in the town I grew up in in northern Norway as well. As we knew the owner we got the opportunity to spend the night in the ice hotel for free after the season was over. It was quite an experience sleeping on reindeer skin in a nice warm sleeping bag in a bad made of snow/ice! As the hotel was closed we didn’t get to try out the ice bar – looks like a nice experience as well! :)


    • This one is the first one that opened more than 20 years ago but it is true that nowadays, ice bars are everywhere. Here in Stockholm there is one as well. It must have been an unique experience to sleep in the ice hotel, you were lucky to got this opportunity :-)

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  7. Wait a ding dang minute! You mean this place is REAL?!?! Not an Internet hoax?!?!? (Oh I so wish the room would stop spinning!) Did you get to Santa’s workshop, too? :-)


      • Rudolf is a GIRL?!?! That is one reindeer with some seriously misguided parents! But it does explain the ‘cute’ factor.


          • Wait a minute, something is wrong here. It’s the MALE of the species that should be vane and corrupt and want to keep their beauty mark all the year round, not the female! Us males have our pride. Look at lions and peacocks. It is a male’s right, no… our responsibility, to be the proud idiots of the world. We are just so much better and practiced at it. Are you sure you trust this guide?! :-)

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    • The snow is everywhere, without snowshoes in the countryside, you have snow above your knees. Temperatures are close to -20°C. It’s incredible. In the town, you have huge pile of snow in every corner because of the ploughing of the streets. I’ve never seen anything like that. I will try to write a post about Kiruna soon.

      We didn’t go to Abisko, it was too expensive. We saw northern lights by walking up the hill in Kiruna, and they were amazing :-)


  8. Fascinating post Laia I would love to visit Lapland one day! I would be like you though and just have a drink at the ice bar as I do not fancy staying in a hotel where there’s no heating and bathrooms and it’s minus 5! It must be slightly strange being dark so much of the day too. I would like seeing the snow and then going somewhere warm with a nice fire afterwards! :)


  9. Wow, I am so jealous!! Always wanted to go to the Ice Hotel – never quite managed it, but your pictures confirm that I have to do this sometime. We’ve been to Finnish Lapland in late December, I remember very short days and very cold temperatures but I loved it there, one of my favourite trips ever.


  10. Haha, a very ‘cool’ place, literally. The good part is that your beer never gets warm. Or maybe that isn’t a good thing when you’re cold. I’m confused :) I’ve never been to one before but it looks like a fun experience. Thank you for sharing! Hugs


  11. Bonjour, je voudrais un bon irish coffee bien brûlant, s’il vous plait !
    OK, c’est pas drôle, mais sans rire, quelle magnifique expérience, je vous envie, c’est magique ! … J’espère quand même que votre lieu de séjour est bien chauffé, lui !
    Gros bisous.


    • haha, j’imagine déjà la tête du barman :-) Oui, oui, un café s’il vous plait :-)

      Notre petite auberge de jeunesse est bien chauffée heureusement :-) Ce soir le ciel est nuageux, donc pas de chasse à l’aurore boréale, au lieu de ça, c’est jus de myrtille chaud et petite soirée relax :-)



  12. I’m glad to be able to be the first to make this observation … “What a cool place!” Such an interesting place. Do folks really sleep in the hotel? And, if so, are heavily insulated sleeping bags provided or my one bring his/her own?


    • haha yeah ! It was a cool place ! :-) A lot of people are sleeping in it (they have 18 rooms with very complicated designs and maybe 100 others, more like dorms). It’s very pricey, I’ve heard someone paying 1000 pounds for one night over there….. I was shocked. They have insulated sleeping bags and reindeer skins. Everything is provided thankfully, but the guest should leave the room at 7.30 because the visit start at that time and cannot join their room before 6 pm… a bit weird I think.


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