First experience at snowshoeing…

….it was harder than anticipated.

I’ve always seen nice pictures of people walking in snowshoes in national parks, looking like they were having fun and enjoying themselves. It sounded so tempting that we decided to give it a go ! In the heart of Swedish Lapland, with this deep and untouched snow, surrounded by the amazing landscape, we had our first experience at snowshoeing ! It was… well… interesting, let’s say ! :-)

We rented a pair of snowshoes and it cost us 20 euros for a whole day, and we thought it was such a great deal !! The guy showed us how to use it when going up or going down, and how to wear them. At the beginning of the trail, it was easy to walk/slide, very enjoyable but then, the snow was getting deeper and deeper and at one point, we had snow up to our knees…

It was so difficult to walk… I thought we wouldn’t sink that much in the snow with the snowshoes on.. I was probably a bit naive to think that ! Making big steps and going up and down the slope was so exhausting. We were thinking about spending several hours outside, but after one hour, we decided to make our way back.

On our way back, we made snow angels.. and started a trend ! After a few days, there were several snow angels next to ours :-)  !

After 1h/1h30 of winter fun… we were back in the shop, exhausted, and happy to warm up ourselves !

This post is the last post of my mini-series dedicated to Swedish Lapland :-) I hope you enjoyed it ! More about our exploration of Stockholm soon…

Packing my Suitcase

80 responses to “First experience at snowshoeing…

    • After posting this entry, and thanks to comments from fellow bloggers, we’ve realized that we were not properly equipped ! Not the right kind of shoes.. No wonder it was so painful !:D maybe we should try again, in better conditions :D


  1. You were rented too small snowshoes, typically used in light snow or for racing. (Or they may have just been too small.) Where you went you needed backcountry snowshoes, which are much larger. You should not have sunk more than an inch or two in the snow. :-)
    You also said, ‘skidding’. ?! Snowshoes should have ice crampons at the bottom of them.


    • That was the only size available, but I’ve realized the mistake when I read the comments of this post… and it makes a lot of sense ! I should have realized that sooner :D The shoes should be adapted to the environment and snow conditions. I think this snowshoe rental company was not very serious :-(


  2. Since I don’t ski, I have always thought snow-shoeing would be fun Gin but it looks quite hard! I thought it would be an easier alternative than trying to learn to ski but obviously not if the snow is too deep! Great photos though and the winter scenery is beautiful – love the snow angels! You’ve changed your blog layout too – it looks good (not that it didn’t before!). Look forward to reading about Stockholm and have a lovely weekend :)


    • Me too ! But as others have mentioned in the comments, you have to chose the right type of snowshoe to be able to enjoy it. Oh well, I’ll know it for next time :-)

      Thanks ! I’ve changed it last night, but I’m struggling a lot. I would like to have a gallery of sticky postd on top of it, but it’s so difficult ! I’ve read a tutorial, followd each steps but it doesn’t work ! grr grr grr ;-)

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      • That’s good advice about the snowshoes I’ll remember that for future reference! I find technology quite difficult at the best of times so it’s taken me a while to get even as far as I have with the blog. I know how frustrating it can be – I had to look up so much stuff eg how to do links I just couldn’t work it out and then eventually I found a forum thread and got the answers! I hadn’t realised you had to highlight the text you wanted to link – a basic beginner’s error!! Now I don’t like to change too much in case I lose stuff or something. Your blog layout looks great – hopefully someone will be able to help with the gallery of sticky posts then I can ask you how you did it!! Good luck and hope you don’t get too frustrated trying to work it out – enjoy the weekend too! :)


        • If you have any question about your blog, don’t hesitate, maybe I can help. I know where the problem is with my blog, but I don’t have time to fix it right now ;-) It’s about the size of the image, to be able to have a slider of sticky post, my picture should be 750px wide. That’s why it doesn’t work! Well, I presume :-)

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  3. My biggest regret about our Colorado trip is that we didn’t go snow-shoeing. I know I’d probably be terrible but it looks SO fun!


  4. Haha..I know – looks much easier than it is right! We started doing some snowshoeing last winter as my husband had an accident and hurt his knee so we couldn’t do any skiing. But I have to be honest, now that we can go skiing again I think the snow shoes will stay home… :) The snow shoes you got from the rental shop looks very small by the way – would probably be easier with larger ones, they float a bit better on the snow:)


  5. I remember my first hike with snow shoes, in the Italian Alps. Luckily we had just about 10 cm of soft powder before hitting the first stratum of old, compact snow, but going uphill was HARD. I also made the fundamental mistake of tagging along some hardcore mountaineers and didn’t want to appear like a sissy, but it was some serious struggle.

    Took me two days to be able to negotiate stairs and steps again!


  6. I too have thought that snowshoeing would be fun … but you do describe it as having been lots of work. I’m sure that snow conditions make a big difference and the deep, fresh, snowfall might have made going very difficult indeed. Perhaps you shouldn’t be quick to judge and try again when you’ve got a packed surface. Anyway … it looks as though you had an adventure … and that’s what it’s all about …right?

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  7. Snowshoes come in different styles and sizes for varying snow and terrain conditions. For such deep, new powder snow, larger dimension snowshoes would have kept you from sinking so much!

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  8. I have very much enjoyed looking at your cold snow photos, while sweltering in mid-summer temperatures here in Cape Town. :)
    Interesting about the snow shoes – I thought as you did. Maybe the snow needs to be harder or impacted?

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