Stockholm for foodies on a budget

Scandinavia is often depicted as an expensive part of Europe… and I agree with that, especially if you are used to travel in South East Asia for example. But when you compare to other central European countries… Like the UK, France or Belgium, as long as you don’t drink alcohol, it’s pretty much the same prices if you avoid tourist traps. However, like I said, drinking a beer or a glass of wine is just extortion of money ! 10 euros for a beer or a glass of wine.. no thanks ! As for meal, it’s better to try to enjoy the lunch deal as much as possible, as it could be half of the pice of the evening menu.

We spent some time in Stockholm last xmas, and stayed in a boat hotel without a kitchen avalaible for the guests. We ate outside a lot, and had time to explore what Stockholm had to offer for budget travellers like us.  There are plenty of restaurants and cafés specialized in traditional Swedish cuisine (often expensive), and a huge assortment of international food. So many options !

Going for a fika

Going for a fika is a very Swedish thing. Basically, it means having a coffee with a pastry or something sweet, like a piece of cake, at any time of the day even if it’s often compared to the English afternoon tea. There are so many options in Stockholm, the town is packed with cafés with cosy atmosphere.

We visited two different places, the Espresso House, the Sweden’s largest branded coffee shop chain, and Wayne’s Coffee, another Swedish coffee shop chain. In my opinion, the Espresso House was better. The coffee tasted better and was a bit cheaper. The atmosphere was also very nice, very cosy. The coffee in Wayne’s coffee was not that bad, but the food was ! It was more expensive, the muffins were not fresh and we had a odd chemical taste in mouth…

Going international

Eating cheap often means eating international… and there is no exception to this rule in Stockholm. The town is full of Corean/thaï/Asian fusion buffets and the lunch offers during the week (dagens rätt) are very interesting ! We tried two Corean barbecue places, one of them was not so good, but the Restaurang Mbq was very good for the price ! All you can eat for 99 kr + drink + coffee (+/- 10 euros). Nice atmosphere, lots of choice !

We also stumbled upon a wonderful Indian restaurant located in the heart of Gamlan stan, Hurry Curry. The decor is amazing, the service is fast and the food is cheap and good. If you go downstairs, you can even see a preserved wall from the 14th century and it is said to be part of the old city wall. The site is one of the oldest parts of Stockholm and remains of buildings from the 13th century have been found there. It’s is really worth going downstairs :-)

Eating like a local

It is a bit sad to go to a place and not enjoy what the locals are enjoying… so we tried two different cafés, during lunch time of course, to be able to save up some money. We tried two places in Gamla Stan, Café Dox and The Liffey.

Café Dox is located in a vaulted cellar in the old town and has a very cosy atmosphere. It was packed with locals and the food was really good. Portions were quite small though. I had smoked salmon with a warm potato salad with creamy dill sauce. It was delicous !

The other café we tried is in fact an Irish pub. It was recommended to us by the guide of our free tour walk ! We had a very expensive cider and beer, and delicious fish and chips ! It was more expensive, but the amount of food you get was crazy !

We’ve tried other places, but I have to admit that I forgot to take some pictures ;-)

I’ve changed the layout of my blog, I’m struggling a lot, but I hope it’s still pleasant to look at :-) If you have any suggestions, feel free to share them with me :-)


68 responses to “Stockholm for foodies on a budget

  1. Yea, i do agree with you as a budget traveler always think of finance first and then must try the local food within budget of course….I sometime find that eating out is pretty costly in Europe so I will always go shopping for for my lunch in the supermarket and eat out during the night that way I can always save some monies and enjoy the local cuisine.
    Fantastic experience of going each cafe to get a taste of different make of coffee and both of you seen to have a great time enjoying yourselves.

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  2. Great post! If I ever go to Sweden I’ll definitely have to take a look back at this. I love the “going for a fika,” idea. Coffee and pastries any time of day? Yes please!


  3. I quite like the new image up front. Where did you take it? Enjoyable post … it made me hungry (and I had JUST finished dinner!) … especially for the fish-n-chips. I hoped there would have been a photo of that. D


  4. I agree that it is not very cheap in Sweden! However, 99 kr for all you can eat is a really good deal! So that restaurant is a really great tip!
    Also if you are on a very small budget you can buy some stuff in the super marked and make a sandwich for example. But of course it is nicer to go to a restaurant ;)


  5. Roadtrip! No joke, this just made me want to get on a plane and say screw the diet. I’m glad I didn’t read this at 5pm or I’d be eating something truly bad for me. (I’m more inclined to unhealthy food choices at night than in the morning). This inspires me to explore my Scandinavian roots (or the pastries of Scandinavia lol I can’t decide)


    • haha, it’s linked ! you cannot explore Scandinavia properly without eating what it has to offer :D my unhealty food cravings start also at night.. just before supper… between 5 pm and 7 pm.. it’s a permanent battle

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  6. I have only been to Stockholm once, but loved it and have some wonderful memories of the food there. This brought them back. Thanks. Your new format looks great. The header photo is gorgeous.


    • There are so many options to eat, that’s what is great about this town. Your place is not too far away from the mongolian bbq place I think ! It appears this is a great area for cheap and good restaurants :-)


    • There are so many opportunities for food in Stockholm. I’m sure there are probably better or cheaper places, but we didn’t stumble upon them ;-) One visit is not enough, I would also like to go back. Stockholm is really a beautiful city. I would like to enjoy it during summer :-) Have a lovely weekend as well !


  7. Hello my friend,
    As always, it’s so interesting to read of your travels and see the beautiful photos with it. It must have been cool to see parts of the old city wall. I love it when you can experience even a little bit of the history :) I like the new layout of your blog – very stylish and easy to navigate :)
    Best wishes,

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    • It was a complete surprise ! We were at the restaurant, then I saw the stairs going down, and I thought it was just another room to sit down to enjoy the food. I decided to go and have a look but it was going deeper and deeper, and wow, surprise surprise ! It was nice! I wasn’t expecting that at all ! :-)

      Thank you for your always-so-nice comments :-) I’m thinking about putting some sticky posts on tops of the blog page, but I’m struggling a bit with it ;-)


  8. I think that you summarized it quite well. If you are a budget traveler you cannot expect to go to a Swedish restaurant and have a proper dish of meatballs. As well, it’s great to have a fika in a small cozy café with its own bakery, but if you don’t want to spend fortune on that you better go to Espresso House. Yep, Stockholm is beautiful but you pay for it :)
    P.S. I have been to Mbq restaurant twice! :D

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    • Mbq restaurant is great, the lunch deal is amazing, and the variety of food is huge. We have been to the other Mongolian barbecue near Sergel Torg, but it was not great. A real tourist trap. It was filthy everywhere, no atmosphere, rude waiters, and the dishes displayed on the buffet were always empty.

      I think your sentence summarizes well Stockholm, yes, beautiful, but it comes at a price :-)

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