Enter the Royal world

As I was mentioning it in my previous entry, Gamla Stan is definitively the iconic and busiest part of Stockholm, with all the churches, museums and restaurants. It is also the home of one of Europe’s largest Royal Palace, Kungliga slottet.

The palace is the daily place of work for The King and Queen but also offers access to several museums open to the public (check out this website if interested).

The Royal apartments

The Royal apartments are still used today by the Royal family for official representations, receptions, audiences, etc. So it may not be possible to visit them at certain time of the year. There are several parts to visit on each floor including The Bernardote apartments. They are used regularly by the king for ceremonial audiences and presentations of medals. The original furnishings date back to the 1730’s. Oskar II and Queen Sofia were the last residents of these rooms.

The timing that worked well for us was arriving at 10 am : we were the only ones inside, and we could take pictures and enjoy the scenery without having to brave the crowds.

The treasury

The Treasury houses the Royal regalia including crowns, swords, jewels from the early 16th century onwards, in dark cellar vaults.

As part of the Stockholm Card, we visited it and enjoyed it. But I wouldn’t pay a separate fee just to see a few crowns. It was packed with people and difficult to enjoy. It’s not possible to take pictures over there, even without flash. Not comparable to the Crown Jewels at the Tower Of London, be warned. But If you buy the Stockholm card, it’s included in the price, so why not visiting it ?

The Swedish Royal Armoury

The Royal Armoury is the oldest museum in Sweden, established in 1628 by King Gustav II Adolph, displaying royal costumes and armours, as well as several coaches from the Royal Stables. When we visited it, we had the chance to see the special exhibit, “Power Games: A Costume Drama“. The exhibit combined films (including Game of Thrones), history, fantasy and fashion.. and it was awesome ! And to top if off, we were able to dressed up with historical costumes and took some pictures :-)

We finished the day by a beautiful sunset !


63 responses to “Enter the Royal world

    • It’s a lot of violence, it’s not for everyone taste. I quite love it, not for the violence obviously, but for the characters, (they are really well thought), for the costumes, the filming location and the storyline. It’s such a great story.


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  2. Lovely! I have only been to Stockholm once, over 10 years ago, and loved it. It was bitterly cold but sunny. We had almost no money and spent most of it seeing the big ship and doing a well worth it bus tour. I would love to see more.


    • Stockholm can be very expensive, as most of the museums over there are not free. But the Stockholm card is a good deal, and we’ve found a “russian ikea card discount code” and we save half of the price when we bought it :D


      • Ha ha! How did you end up coming across that Russian IKEA card discount code?! And how clever! That’s a great idea about the Stockholm card. I can’t recall if that existed way back when. The best money spent that trip was taking a bus tour on the last day. I wouldn’t have thought that it was worth it but to see the city from another view and access points we wouldn’t have otherwise, it was worth it. I feel like I already said this?? Oh well!


  3. Wow, awesome photos, the last one is simply gorgeous! I definitely need to go here and make it as early as possible (though knowing some of my friends, at 10 we’ll leave the hotel….). Have you visited Drottningholm as well? I don’t know if I’ll have time. :(


    • That’s the problem, to avoid the crowds, you have to get up early, which is not always easy when you are on holiday :D But I don’t like when it’s packed with people, so I prefer to get up slightly early and have the place for myself ;-)

      I haven’t visited Drottningholm, but it looks nice !!!


  4. So lovely Gin! I always enjoy castles and palaces and I’d especially love to see the costumes! A good tip on turning up early in the morning too before the crowds. What a gorgeous photo of the sunset too :) Hope you’re having a better week with the weather and it’s starting to warm up a bit! :)

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Dress up like in Game of Thrones – count me in! :) Kungliga Slottet also looks very majestic, but guess I shouldn’t expect anything less from the royals! :)


  6. What a beautiful place. I love to see palace photos, – always so amazing the detail that has gone into the architecture, and love the sunset photo at the end too!


  7. Your beautiful photos have successfully captured the pomp and majesty of the place. I am rather surprised to read that you had the place to yourselves at 10am! Would have thought that the crowd would have been all over the place by that time!


  8. Wow! What a great set of pictures. I loved the shadows and light in the museums. But where are the pictures of you in historical costumes?!


  9. It looks very impressive the Swedish castle. I have been in the Norwegian one, but I think this looks even nicer. I am not so sure if I am as impressed by the royal families though.
    The last picture is really beautiful. It has a kind of peace over it!


    • Oh well, we kind of loved the love story between the Swedish princess and the gym trainer. It’s kind of sweet :-) Otherwise, we don’t really know what’s going on with royal families around the world, I have to admit that we are not that interested either ! :-)


  10. The palace looks very grand and impressive, great to have it to yourself almost and to be able to take pictures – hate it when they don’t allow that!! You got some great ones. Would love to check out those costumes too.


    • I like Game of Thrones, so it was very nice to see it :D And all the costumes were also great ! The appartments were richly decorated and were nice to look at. I’m usually not a big fan of that kind of exhibit, but I really enjoyed it.


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