Södermalm, the vibrant Stockholm, a paradize for hipsters

Södermalm is a very trendy Stockholm’s neighbourhood where you can find a lot of vintage and eclectic shops, art galleries and design stores, mixed with pubs and restaurants. Even if it’s the most densely populated area of Stockholm, you can still find some little red cottages (old working class houses) and summer houses of wealthier families dating from the 18th century here and there.

We didn’t explore that part very much, but I think it could be interesting to take a look around during summer and venture further South. Nevertheless, we visited two museums and our boat-hotel was located in that part as well !


This museum is the centre for contemporary photography in Stockholm and presents a few different exhibitions every 2-3 months. We really appreciated the good presentation of the photographs and we were so lucky to see “Before They Pass Away“, the amazing exhibition from Jimmy Nelson. His work was about making portraits of the world’s remotest tribes… before they pass away. I was speechless. Incredible work, talented photographer.

The Huli (Papua New Guinea) make great effort to impress the enemy with bright colours whereas the Yali (Papua Indonesia), also called “Lords of the Earth”, are still engaged in cannibalism and men only wear a penis gourd (despite living in the mountains). This is fascinating :D

The other exhibits were nice, but not as impressive as the previous one. But it was inspiring…. especially for portraits.

We were there in early morning and we avoided the crowds, as always. The only drawback is the lack of bus stops nearby. If you go to the coffee bar upstairs, you can appreciate stunning views over Stockholm.

Stockholm City Museum

The Stadsmuseet is documenting the history of Stockholm throughout the centuries. The permanent exhibit is taking you through different building styles and architecture all over Stockholm and is very informative. There are also temporary exhibits, and we really appreciated the “The Dark Side – Street crime in Stockholm“. We learned about the street crime, past and present, the dangerous parts of town, but also the development of the law from the Middle Ages until today (especially regarding the prostitution and witchcraft aspect).

It was very strange to see a lot of Swedish people (instead of the usual tourists) visiting the museum. When we visited it, it was free, otherwise, it’s included in the Stockholm Card.

Packing my Suitcase

52 responses to “Södermalm, the vibrant Stockholm, a paradize for hipsters

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  2. I would love both museums Gin they sound equally fascinating in completely different ways! The whole locality sounds appealing food, fashion, vintage shops and galleries I would find a lot to do! Thanks for sharing and enjoy your weekend! :)


  3. You really are inspiring me to go visit… what a great exhibit! We are such a global world now it’s very cool to see remote tribes and hear how they live without the influence of technology and other staples of modern living.


  4. I’ve never visited Sweden, so I am not acquainted at all with any of this attractions you describe in your post, which makes it so much more interesting for me. As a passionate photographer, I think I’d had a blast in Fotografiska.


    • Fotografiska is very inspiring (and depressing, you realize that you still have to work to be able to have that quality in your pictures :D). The exhibits change all the time, I think it’s great. Stockholm is a wonderful town, perfect for both summer and winter. I hope you will get the chance to visit !


    • The boat hotel is very popular in Stockholm, especially in that area. You can have a view of Gamla Stan from your window, and it’s very cheap. The comfort is rudimentary, but it’s something to experience at least once, let’s say ;-)

      Liked by 1 person

  5. I want to visit Fotografiska as well, not sure if I’ll have time though. That building in the second photo reminds me of one I’ve seen in Oslo, it’s funny how similar they are, but understandable since Sweden and Norway were once the same country. :D


    • It opens until 10 pm some days… so it’s very convenient, you can check on the website. If you buy the stockholm card, it’s included in the price as well. Scandinavian countries are very similar to each other when it comes to architecture :-)

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Beautiful pictures. Felt Nostalgic about my trip to Stockhold couple of years ago. Met my husbands childhood friend and we had a great 3 days. Oh I wanna go back again. Thanks for making me revisit those moments.


    Liked by 1 person

      • I wish too Gin :)

        No Gin I had to stop my planning, we were in the process of buying a house and the date of contract exchange was being decided for Feb end, so thought we will go on March, and last week it has been postponed for March end. So with all this going around, difficult to travel out of country for a week :( But I have all your emails, and I might work on it again may be in Summer this time. Will have to keep Northern Lights dream still awaiting :)

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