Another day, another island

Skeppsholmen is another very interesting island of Stockholm where you can find a lot of museums, including the Museum of Modern Art (Moderna Museet), the main modern art museum of Stockholm, the architectural museum (in the same building as the Moderna museet) and the Östasiatiska Muséet (East-Asian museum).

The Moderna Museet houses Swedish and international modern and contemporary art, including pieces from famous and less famous artists (Picasso, Dali, American Pop Art, …).

The museum has also a sculpture park on the island and you can see them on your way to the museums.

Obviously the museum is interesting if you like modern art. It also provides a free audio guide, which you can download on your phone using the museum’s free wifi. Our visit was worthwhile, but not a highlight of the trip…

As for the Architecture museum and the East-Asian museum, we didn’t have time to explore them.


37 responses to “Another day, another island

  1. I think the sculptures look very striking in the snow – not sure what they are supposed to be exactly but that’s the point of modern art! Love all the photos of Stockholm in the winter!


  2. Wow, my geography is worse than I thought. You said ‘island’ and I wondered how big an island, and where it was. I took a quick look on Google Maps to discover that Skeppsholmen is a very small island indeed! It looks like there are ferries that can take you across the water … but can you access the island by auto as well?


  3. Lovely pictures! It looks like you had a wonderful trip. However, I have some problems with understanding the ‘art’ in the ‘modern art’ concept haha :) Or maybe I’m old school. Have a great evening x


  4. I’m glad to see I’m not the only crazy person taking ferries to cold Nordic islands in the middle of the winter! Your first photos reminded me of our ride out to Suomenlinna Island off of Helsinki last month.

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