Breathtaking view of Castleton

Castleton is a lovely village in the middle of Peak District, and I had the chance to spend one day over there, during my last trip to Manchester. Since we didn’t have the proper equipment to go for a hike, we just enjoyed what the town had to offer, from the visit of the Devil’s arse to the St Edmund’s church. Another famous attraction is the visit of Peveril Castle, also called Peak Castle or even Castleton Castle.

The castle is situated on the top of a massive hill, accessed by a pathway that will take you there in more or less 15 minutes, depending on your fitness level. After some efforts, you get the reward : a 360 degrees view  over the Hope Valley and the village of Castleton. This was breathtaking ! :-)

The castle was built in 1080 from wood but then was rebuilt with stones a few years later. The castle has undergone many changes throughout the years, but all you can see now are ruins from this glorious past.

As you can see, the weather was not fantastic and I’m sure you can see further away with a clear sky !

The entrance fee was £9.50 for 2 adults. As part of the English Heritage, you can get in for free if you are a member.

Before driving back to Manchester, we came across this friendly doggy :-)

We will be back, it was such a lovely place !

We are planning to spend a few days in Lake District in April, any suggestions ?


79 responses to “Breathtaking view of Castleton

  1. This looks like it came straight out of a fairytale storybook! Breathtakingly beautiful! | I just stumbled upon your blog (I’m glad I did) and I’ll be visiting often!


    • We got lost in Castlefield in Manchester, we crossed the bridge… we were trying to find the city centre :D Then we realised it was not quite there, and we ended up in a Red Chili restaurant :D


  2. Lovely photos Gin I love the fact that you have captured the ambiance so well – it is a beautiful place even in the rain. I went on a hiking trip to the Peak District, with some friends, as a teenager and I think we hiked round here I seem to remember staying in Castleton but it was a long time ago!! Have a great week! :)


    • Yes, I’m sure it must be a delightful place in every season. There was still so patch of snow here and there… and it was definitively colder than in Manchester! Peak district is popular for hiking, so many hiking trails, it’s incredible.


  3. Dear Gin:
    Beautiful city, I’ve been here, I hope to have the opportunity to be able to visit again.
    April, let me think….Cumbria valleys and wilderness (that is, we all know that dwarf mountain) is a very beautiful rural village, it has set high in the picturesque enclave marshes and lakes. Literature lovers will enjoy a visit to William Wordsworth’s cottage (March when you can see daffodils) or visit the Miss Potter world is a good choice or just a leisurely stroll in the car and a beautiful view.

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  4. It looks like an amazing place. The greens are so beautiful, even in the hazy light. And the dog is really cute and looke friendly, indeed! Have a lovely week! :D


  5. Gorgeous photos! As far as Lake District recommendations, Keswick is a great place to visit, as are Ambleside and Windermere. There are so many places for walks depending on what you are interested in, fells, lakes or waterfalls. And of course, you should try the local real ales.


  6. What a cute dog!! We love Castleton – have climbed up to Peveril Castle too but were luckier with the weather and had hot sunshine – not the norm though, it usually rains I think!! You got some great pictures though and the mist makes it very atmospheric! Looking forward to reading about the Lake District – love it there too, just be sure to bring your walking boots.

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  7. Lovely photos! That green makes me miss summer even more :) And a very gorgeous pup. That always makes my trip! Thank you for sharing!


    • We will stay near Broughton in Furness. I’ve looked in google map and it’s not that far away from the guesthouse, we may have a look, it seems like a very authentic and interesting place :-)


    • We can’t really visit the castle, it’s mostly ruins, but it was interesting to be on this impressive location. You can understand why they chose to build a castle over there, they could see from miles away… but it must have been very tiring to climb up there all the time :D

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  8. Having never visited this part of the country I live in, it’s lovely to read your post and see your pictures. This part of the UK is well known for the amount of rain it gets, so the grass and fields always look so fresh and green.

    I’ve never been too the Lake District but have heard it is very beautiful. Lake Windermere is very popular and there are some fantastic hiking opportunities there as well. They also serve cream teas, so look out for those if you have a sweet tooth.

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