A road trip around lake Michigan : Exploring Milwaukee

Road trip around Lake Michigan

I’m going to go back in time, and talk to you about our incredible 2 months road trip that took place in the US during summer 2013. We’ve explored different places, but let’s start by something a bit off the beaten-paths… a road trip around one of the natural wonders of the world, the Great Lakes !

Back in 2013, Chicago was the starting and the ending point of our journey throughout the Great Lakes.

We left the windy city behind and headed towards Milwaukee, for our first stop of this incredible journey, on the South-western shore of Lake Michigan. Driving out of Chicago was rather smooth, and we were quite surprised !

When we arrived in town, a very strange building really caught our eyes : The Milwaukee Art Museum (MAM). The MAM is shaped like the prow of a ship looking over Lake Michigan. It’s the most beautiful modern building I’ve ever seen. Inside, the interior is equally stunning with all the lights going through the architectural elements and creating strange patterns. We didn’t visit the temporary exhibits. Instead, we wanted to enjoy the beautiful weather and the fresh breeze, it was around 20-25°C and it was just perfect. We only had a look at the Chihuly sculpture in the entrance. I love his work !

When we went out, we spent some time walking on the lakefront promenade. When we spotted a flying pig in the sky, we knew it was going to be interesting ! It was apparently possible to rent a bike to cycle around and we decided to rent…. a tandem bike ! Even if riding a tandem bike looks easy, believe me, it’s not ! Especially if the person behind doesn’t put a lot of effort into it and I know what I’m talking about :D

We finished the afternoon in the city centre by having a nice glass of wine, during happy hour time.

Milwaukee was so quiet, we had a great time over there and we were looking forward our future stops !


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    • Only 3 posts out of 108 ;-) Most of my entries are about Iceland ;-) But it’s true that these last days, I’ve focused on my last trip to the US. It seems that you’ve visited the US a lot more than me !!! :-)


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  5. Another road trip yay Gin! Loved your Icelandic ones and am looking forward to reading about this one. I have always wondered what Milwaukee was like too and the Great Lakes area sounds fascinating! Thanks for sharing :)

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  6. I’ve lived in Chicago for 24 years now, and I still think it’s one of the most beautiful American cities. It’s way too cold for me long term, but it’s been a great place to live. I look forward to seeing what you write about our city!

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  7. Gabby and I rode a tandem bike all over Skagway, Alaska last summer. They’re a lot of fun once you get used to doing it as a team. There’s a lot of communication involved. You really have to be in tune with one another.


  8. Impressive architecture! Thanks so much for sharing this post – love the images – hahaha..I had a tandem bike when I was a kid – I remember my brother – who always behind me – was so lazy to bike – I knew the feeling! :D :D

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  9. Looks the perfect place for a bike ride and with incredible weather as well. I guess being by the lake all the time kept the air cool and fresh even though it was Summer? I hear so often of how very hot it can get in parts of the USA during the summer months.


  10. Looks amazing! This is a place of the US I have never been to. However, I have two good friends that are from there, that I was working with here in Bolivia. I have heard a lot about Lake Michigan from them. But it is the first time I see photos, and this makes me get a much better picture of it all :)

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  11. I’ve always wanted to spend time exploring the Great Lakes (and Chicago) – flown in and out of the city en route elsewhere a few times but just never managed to visit properly!! The scenery looks stunning and I love the sound of a tandem ride – I would definitely be in the back seat!! Looking forward hugely to reading about your 2 month road trip – the sound of that definitely appeals too!!


  12. We are directly across the lake from Milwaukee. During my working years, my employer was in Holland, Michigan. We are now fulltime RVers, but we lived in Grand Rapids for 30 years. We like the national parks for destinations

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  13. What a great trip. I love biking in tandem. It’s always so much fun. The picture of you two is lovely! The Milwaukee Art Museum screams art, just by the way it looks on the outside :) I’m sure it was interesting to see. I hope I’ll make it in the area myself.


    • I don’t think it’s a very popular destination ;-) In the hostels/hotels/motels we were staying, most of the employees didn’t really understand why we came from Europe to visit this destination… they told us “you should have gone to vegas !!” :D The building was really impressive !

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        • Apparently, the secret wish of people living in Wisconsin and Michigan is to visit Vegas ;-) I’ve heard a lot of good things about Boston. I would love to visit the East coast :-) Part of the Yellowstone is located in Montana :-)


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