A road trip around lake Michigan : Driving across Wisconsin

Road trip around Lake MichiganI’m going to go back in time, and talk to you about our incredible 2 months road trip that took place in the US during summer 2013. We’ve explored different places, but let’s start by something a bit off the beaten-paths… a road trip around one of the natural wonders of the world, the Great Lakes !

For the ones who have missed the first part : A road trip around lake Michigan : Exploring Milwaukee.

We left Milwaukee, very happy and relaxed, and drove accross Wisconsin ! We were really surprised to see so many cherry orchards around. It’s a real business over there, and I’ve read that a mechanical cherry shaker can harvest 60 to 100 trees in one hour. Can you imagine that ?! We stopped at a roadside stand where cherries were ready and available for picking ;-) We walked through the orchards, tasted delicious cherries and bought some from a lovely lady. All the people we’ve met in Wisconsin were really chatty and friendly !

With our cherry supplies, we drove to Cave point County park in Sturgeon Bay. The waves were crashing against the dolomite rocks and we spent quite a long time looking at them, it was kind of therapeutic :-) There was also an old guy swimming around, and it looked like he was going to drown. Was kind of scary. The lake at that moment looked like a rough sea instead of a peaceful lake, and then you realised that the Great lakes are nothing like other lakes you’ve encountered before. It’s so powerful. When we walked on the sandy beach nearby, we spot so many tiny dead fishes on the shore of the lake.  It was really strange. We learnt later that it was alewives, an invasive species that wasn’t originally designed for the cold waters of the Great Lakes. They have been polluting the beaches of lake Michigan every summer for almost 50 years.

Not so far away, you have the Whitefish Dunes State Park and we decided to have a quick look. At the entrance, a park ranger told us it was the biggest dune of Wisconsin, so we got tempted and paid the admission fee to the State Park. Somehow, it was the the most disappointing dune ever… To be honest, we were expecting something else.. like seeing an actual dune ! Which we didn’t. There was a little hill made of sand, that’s it. But the walk was nice :-)

On our way back to Green Bay, where we’ve decided to spend the night, I spot a name on the map that really drew my attention : Namur. I’m originated from Namur in Belgium, and I was curious to see what the Namur in Wisconsin looked like ! On our way to Namur, we stopped in Brussels, had a drink in a pub and chatted with some locals that explained to us that it was indeed a community of Belgians immigrates that founded the town. They were really happy to have a Belgian amongst them and they even showed me an interesting book about the history of their town.

They recommend us to have dinner at the Belgian delight, and we had the best chicken of our trip at over there !!! At that moment, I was really proud of being Belgian :D


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  4. Fascinating story Gin! How interesting that you came across a community that had originally come from Belgium! The lake looks amazing more like the sea – I can see why they call them the Great Lakes. Hope you’ve had a good week and have a lovely weekend :)

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  5. I haven’t spent much time in Michigan although my husband does have cousins who live there. Your gorgeous photos and post make me want to go visit them and check out some of the sights.


  6. Looks amazing! It is incredible that a lake is that big, and have so much different things to offer.
    Haha, funny with the Belgium immigrants. My friends from Michigan also told me there are many Norwegian and Swedish immigrants there as well. So they already knew much of our traditions.,.

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    • No, just delicious chicken :-) I think the only thing Belgian was the name, and maybe some family ancestry, but I loved it :D Have a nice week as well ! did you get the results from the travel photography contest with the four elements ?

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      • :) That’s very sweet to keep the history on even maintain it for many generations! No, no results yet on the four elements photography contest. I don’t think I will win, many amazing photos entry to the competition, but I am curious which pictures that selected by the juries :D
        I saw you were invited by many bloggers to participate however I did not see any post about it, or did I miss it?


  7. Sturgeon Bay is a rich shipbuilding town. I remember visiting the Door County Maritime Museum there and seeing the world’s first shipping container, which was developed in that area.

    Very cool about Namur!


    • Do you think it’s related with the high number of shipwrecks and because of the “door of death” at the northern tip of the peninsula of Door County that Sturgeon Bay became specialized in building ships ? :D


      • Not necessarily, as there are shipbuilders located all over the Great Lakes. Bay Shipbuilding just happens to be one of the most successful. They build a lot of the 1000 foot long freighters that are on the Great Lakes. We liked our travels in Wisconsin, but you are correct about the dunes being small over there. Michigan has the big dunes, as the prevailing winds pile the sand up on our side of the lake. Wisconsin has its own special beauty, for sure. :)


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