A road trip around lake Michigan : Exploring the East shore

I’m going to go back in time, and talk to you about our incredible 2 months road trip that took place in the US during summer 2013. We’ve explored different places, but let’s start by something a bit off the beaten-paths… a road trip around one of the natural wonders of the world, the Great Lakes ! For the ones who have missed the first parts :

Road trip around Lake MichiganA road trip around lake Michigan : Exploring Milwaukee.

A road trip around lake Michigan : Driving across Wisconsin

A road trip around lake Michigan : Marquette, in the heart of the Upper Peninsula

A road trip around lake Michigan : The murky waters of Tahquamenon falls

After the drive on the scary bridge, we arrived in Mackinaw City, a cute little village situated near lake Huron. We stayed there for two days. It was very pleasant to walk near the colourful houses and explore the area. We had good food over there and we even watched a film at the local cinema :-) The weather was fantastic, most of the time !! So many lighthouses are disseminated around the great lakes… some of them are still in good shape and are transformed into museums. We stopped to have a quick look at the Old Mackinac Point Lighthouse. It was an interesting landmark.

We dedicated one full day to the exploration of Mackinac Island, a tiny island situated in the middle of lake Huron. We caught a ferry and spent the day on the island. Everything has been restored over there, and the entire island is considered as a National Historic Landmark. It was nice to walk since all motorized vehicles have been prohibited but it was very busy. Despite the nice looking area, we had quite a bad experience with a kayaking tour over there. It was a complete rip off. When we looked at the price on internet the day before, we thought it was the price for the kayak but it turned out it was the price per person. We were so disgusted to have paid close to 160$ for a few hours. It was the big mistake of that trip, we should have asked the price to be sure.

We left Mackinaw City behind, and headed towards the other national park located around Lake Michigan, The Sleeping Bear Dune National Park, the biggest dune of Michigan !! It was hard to climb on top of the dune, but once on top, it was wonderful to be able to walk over there!  What a view !

We spent the night around Grand Rapids before going back to Chicago. That was the end of our road trip around Lake Michigan, I hope you enjoyed it. I will probably talk about Chicago in the future, we did a lot of nice things over there as well, it would be a shame not to mention them :-)


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  2. What a lovely view around the East shore. Didn’t look too sunny, so the weather must have been pleasant. Pity about the kayak trip. That was quite a bit to pay but hopefully it was enjoyable in the end and you didn’t fall into the water 😁


  3. Glad you enjoyed Old Mackinac Point Lighthouse! My great grandfather was the contractor who built it in 1892. Everyone had children late in our family, hence him only being my great grandpa. I was on a State of Michigan committee to get it reopened a decade ago. :)

    Check out my latest blog post, Gin, as I extended a B&W photo challange to you. :)



    • Oh really !? That’s interesting ! It’s like you have a bit of you in this lighthouse ! :-)

      I’ll have a look. Sorry, I moved out of my flat on Saturday. Last week was busy with packing and running around, and I had no time to check other blogs.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Oh, j’espère que tu pourras y aller! Ca doit être le paradis, sauf peut-être en hiver ;-) C’est vrai que les billets d’avion ne sont pas donnés. Nous on en a profité pour faire un long voyage histoire de rentabiliser le billet ;-)


  4. I have a couple of friends that live in Michigan. I’ve always wanted to go, just never gotten around to it. Your photos of your trip around the lakes just reinforces my need to go lol. Awesome shots.


  5. I’ve read glowing reports about Mackinac Island – sounds like a great place to visit. Sorry to hear that you got burned on the ‘fine print’ of the kayak rental.


    • People love spending the day on Mackinac Island. I was shocked to see so many tourists over there (because during our travels around the lakes, we barely met any other tourists). For the kayak rental, it’s our fault, I was so mad at myself.


  6. Sounds like a great trip overall (minus the kayak fiasco). Very similar to our route, albeit in the other direction. We skipped Mackinac Island, used the time to explore US Route 2 on the other side. Like you we thought Sleeping Bear was great. Thanks for the posts, great to see those places again.


    • I think Mackinac Island can be skipped. It’s really a business over there. It’s quite charming, but there are too many tourists to be able to really enjoy the place.

      I’m glad it brought back some memories :-) Have a nice week !


  7. woo!!! beautiful photos and places, it always the same problems for tourist been con for the value of the outing, it is frustrating and outrageous when thinking about it….


  8. Excellent series you posted. I enjoyed reading a lot. My last job before retirement was with the St. Lawrence Seaway that manages all commercial navigation to the Great Lakes through the St. Lawrence River. So I’m fairly familiar with the Great Lakes.


    • Thank you for your nice comment :-) I’m sure you have good memories of all your travels around the great lakes. Do you have scary stories to share or your travels were relatively safe ? I’ve heard that it could be hard to navigate on the lakes sometimes


  9. I can see why the island is considered a historic landmark. Very beautiful! But my favorite pictures are the ones from the Dune Park. What a beauty! It looks like quite a trip :)


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