Top 10 Places to see in Bolivia

Hi there! My name is Hanne from Places People Stories. I have been living in Bolivia for almost three years now. It is a beautiful country with no comparison located in the highlands. However, few people know much about Bolivia, and what the country has to offer. That is why I would like to share some of the many wonderful places you should visit in Bolivia:

1. Salar de Uyuni

Salar de Uyuni is the largest salt flat in the world, and cover as much as 12,000 square km. Once upon a time there was a prehistoric salt lake named Lago Minchín, which covered most of southwest Bolivia. When it dried up, it left several salt pans, including the Salar de Uyuni.

Not only is the salt flats impressive, but they are also truly beautiful. In summer time (rainy season), it will be covered with water and it looks like a big mirror. While in the winter it is dry. I personally, have visited over 50 countries, but the Salar de Uyuni is one of the most wonderful places I have ever seen.

Salar de Uyuni

2. Lake Titicaca

This is highest navigable lake in the world with an average height of 3,810 meters above the sea level. It is located between Bolivia and Peru.

The huge lake is not only beautiful. When visiting you will also experience interesting history and culture from the Incas that lived on islands on the lake. You can also see floating villages where many of the local people live, and you can eat delicious fresh fish prepared by them.

Lake Titicaca

 3. La Paz

La Paz, is the highest capital in the world. The difference from the bottom to the top (El Alto), is over 1000 meters.

You will be blown away of the beauty of the city looking down or up on it. In 2014, it won a well-deserved price as number 6 of the most marvellous cities and urban wonders of the world.

La paz

 4. Silver mines Potosi

Potosi is the highest located city in the world. Just visiting here alone is impressive. However, what attracts more people are the silver mines located in the city. You can entry to the mines – or the mountain that eats men, because being a miner is one of the world’s worst jobs. It is believed that within the next 50 years, the entire mountain will cave in, due to the extent of mining that has taken place over the past five centuries.


 5. Death road (Yungas Road)

Often named the world’s most dangerous road. It is estimated that around 300 people a year lose their lives on this road. Today, there are no cars allowed on the road due to the big danger, but you can go by bike, if you dare!

death road

 6. Sucre

The second capital of Bolivia is named Sucre. This means sugar in English, and the city is named so due to that all its buildings are made in white. It is in contrast of other Bolivian cities as it is very clean and organized. Besides being Bolivia’s most beautiful city, it is also the symbolic heart of the nation. The city was also declared a “World Heritage Site” in 1991, due to its rich history and its wealth of colonial architecture.


7. Toro Toro National Park

This national Park is one of the most important of Bolivia due to its palaeontology importance and studies. Here you can see many dinosaur foot prints, which was shaped during volcanoes eruptions. The landscape is also amazing, and different due to this.

Toro toro

8. Tarija

In Tarija, they produce the world’s highest altitude wines. Here you can take wine tours, in beautiful green landscape, while enjoying a relaxing atmosphere.


9. Huayna Potosí

A major peek located at the magic 6000 meters above sea level. A popular hike and climb due to its stunning beauty. It is a hard tour, but if you reach the top it is truly worth it!

huayna potosi

10. Tiwanaku

Tiwanaku is a recognized World Heritage Site, and pre-columbian archaeological site. By the indigenous of the country this site is one of the most important. The ruins of the ancient city state is the centre for make many religious rituals. The most important is when the sun turns, where they gather in Tiwanaku town to see the first sunlight shine through the main door of the Kalasaya Temple. This to thank mother earth for all she has given last year, and ask for good crops the next.


Which of these places would you like to see?

If you want to write a guest post, don’t hesitate to contact me. I think it’s a great way to discover new bloggers and to meet amazing people :-) Gin


38 responses to “Top 10 Places to see in Bolivia

  1. Wow amazing!! I have to admit that I had no idea Bolivia had so many amazing places to visit!! How interesting about the Salar de Uyuni, pretty cool! And Sucre is sooo beautiful! I would love visit Bolivia one day… shame I didn’t do it while I lived in Brazil!
    Great list Hanne!!!


  2. Amazing photos, and Bolivia looks like such an amazing place. I’d be sure to avoid the dangerous road, though, if I do visit…don’t want to be falling off. But I’m sure many who are adventurous do attempt the path :) Love the second last photo of you, Hanne. You look so small and the mountains so big :D

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thanks Mabel! Yes, I understand well that many stay away from the death road. It is for sure not for everyone!
      That picture is actually of my good friend Ceci! I agree that the picture is amazing, and that the mountains looks really impressive! And they really are!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Our friend volunteered his time a few times in Bolivia as a doctor. I saw pictures of where he stayed and although it looked very rural, it was also beautiful. I’ve never been to South America but it won’t be long until I do go. 😊


  4. I loooove the hot woman in the Huayna Potosi photo ajajaja… i have to say it was one of the most difficult yet amazing travel adventure i have ever had!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I know some of those places, as I’m Peruvian and also in part Bolivian like a lot of people that lives in the frontier. I’d love to go Huayna Potosí that I didn’t know so a big thank you :-). Said that I suggest to be careful with what is said by touristic guides, sometimes they aren’t prepared and sometimes just say what their imagination says, for example I understand that Sucre is named that way in honor of great Marshal Sucre from the wars of Independence, reviewing Wikipedia I confirmed that. Sometime I’d like to have time to go there too.
    Ten amazing places definitively :-)


    • Hi Francis! I would love to see more of Peru as well! I have seen very little of your country!
      Great tips about the guides. I have never had guides here in Bolivia, besides in Salar and in the mines of Potosi. And I was very happy with them. But I can believe that you can get guides that just say something out of the blue. It happened to my friend with a guide in La Paz. I also have experience that in other countries, like India. So you should always be aware.
      Thank you, and I am happy to hear that you liked the post :)

      Liked by 1 person

    • I didn’t book anything in advance when I visited the area (people are doing cruises, so they don’t book room on land since they are sleeping on the there are always vacancies). I really think it’s even cheaper if you just go and book a room once there, but it may be rudimentary, maybe not what you are looking for :-)

      Liked by 2 people

      • Last fall I planned a trip to a corner of Colorado, and because of my susceptibility to those altitudes I first scheduled three days in Albuquerque, which is at a height of around 4500 ft. The day after leaving there I inadvertently found myself at a 10,500-ft. pass in Colorado, and although I could feel the altitude I suffered no ill effects. Still, I didn’t stay at that height for more than a little while, not wanting to push my luck. In short, the acclimatizing did seem to help that time, but Bolivia’s another story, and I wouldn’t risk it.


    • Hi Steve. Yes, Bolivia is not the place to go if you have problems with altitude sickness. Sorry about that! There are some cities like Santa Cruz that are on 300 meters only. However, it is not as impressive as being up in the highlands.
      I have never experienced altitude sickness here in Bolivia, but I have seen others have, and it does not seem pleasant at all.
      I hope you enjoyed experienced Bolivia trough this post though!


  6. So many amazing places ! I have to admit that I didn’t have a lot of knowledge about Bolivia before this post, even if going to Salar de Uyuni was something I’ve always wanted to do :-)

    After seeing your post, I can say that Toro Toro National Park, Huayna Potosí and Salar de Uyuni would be places I would love to check out.

    Liked by 1 person

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