Memories from Iceland – Black & White photo challenge, Day 5

I was invited by Diana and Jim from exploRVistas, full-time RVers, to take part in a five days black and white photo challenge. At the beginning, I was a bit skeptic, because I’m not used to do black and white pictures but all in all, that was a great experience, I’m glad I did it ! Thanks again :-)

Today is Day 5 and therefore the final day of this challenge ! I’m going to share a black and white version of a picture from my last trip to Iceland taken in Skeiðarársandur, a huge plain made of volcanic sands located in the Southen part of Iceland. It represents the twisted remains of a bridge that was broken down after a volcanic eruption that occurred nearly 20 years ago. The landscape was very desolate and amazing at the same time. At the back we can see a glacial tongue. Ah… Iceland… I’m feeling nostalgic :-)

The colour version can be found here : Icelandic Road Trip – Columnar basalt formations and more waterfalls. I don’t know which one you prefer ?

For the last day, I would like to invite anyone who wants to join :-)


49 responses to “Memories from Iceland – Black & White photo challenge, Day 5

    • Nature is really impressive sometimes and that’s why I love Iceland so much. You can see nature at its best, raw and powerful ! Thank you ! I had a nice day, I’m on holiday for the rest of the week :-) I hope you had a nice day as well


    • Thank you ! I was glad to have completed the challenge :-) Posting everyday is quite difficult, but you must know that since you are doing a similar challenge ;-)

      I also prefer the monochrome version, it’s more dramatic, I agree :-)


  1. What a great picture! I love that story behind it is so deep. The fog and mountains in the background is also amazing!
    The picture looks good in black and white and colour. But actually I think I prefer the black and white :)


  2. I have a photo of this eerie broken-down, twisted bridge also. Wasn’t it strange to just come across it out there in the middle of nowhere? I like this version!


    • It’s an iconic sight in Southern Iceland, not too far away from Skaftafell. Impossible to miss :-) From far away, it looks a bit like a plane that would have crashed there, but then, you get closer and you realize it’s a old bridge.

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  3. The original, because of the color, is pleasing to the eye. Lots of layers to draw your attention. However, the black and white one is more dramatic. I really like that one. The heavy clouds overhead. The harshness of that metal sticking out of the ground, that was softened by the color of it in the original. I prefer the black and white one.


    • For me it was difficult to chose as well between the colour and the monochrome version. But the monochrome version looks more dramatic, so I would go for this one as well :-) Thanks for the detailed opinion :-)

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  4. I’ve enjoyed all your black and white photographs over the last five days, but must say that you kept the best until last as far as I am concerned. It could be another planet we are looking at with this black and white version.

    Congratulations on completing the challenge and for bringing out the very best for us all to see.


    • Thanks ! I’m glad you enjoyed it ! It’s not something I’m used to do, so … I struggled a bit, I have to admit. But it was a lot of fun, so all in all I don’t regret ;-)

      Iceland is really a stunning place, and some landscape look like they come from another planet :-) I understand why Jules Vernes was so inspired by this country when he wrote his books :-)

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          • It would be London as I live on the South Coast of the UK.

            How long did you stay for? I was thinking perhaps a long weekend there from Friday to Monday, but I want to explore all the island including its most northern coastline.


            • For the first trip I stayed 8 days and for the second one, 20 days :-)

              The 8 days trip was taken during winter, we visited Reykjavik (and its museums), The Golden circle, we did some glacier hiking and 1 dive, a northern light tour, we also went to Snaefelsness. If you want to visit more than the west (around reykjavik) a week is a minimum I think, especially if you want to go around the island. But if you are really interested by the North, you could fly to reykjavik, then take a domestic flight to Akureyri the same day and enjoy the north :-)

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